Am i doing enough and coping well with my GF in nursing school

  1. MY girlfriend started nursing school a little over a month ago. It has been a roller coaster of a ride but that was expected. I'm sure there is plenty of people on here that can relate to my current situation. Were a 24 and 23 year old couple with a 2 year old boy. (I have a 7 year old with another woman) Weve been together for 3 and a half years and ill say this is the hardest it has been. I can admit I'm not now and never was the best with housework but ive been doing my best to keep it somewhat clean, dishes cleaned, laundry done ETC. But i still feel like it isn't enough. I just want her to know that she has my outmost support and i tell her repeatedly that she makes me proud. Shes working her tail off as we i type this. I guess i could say my problem might have to with some laziness but i also work my tail off as an arborist everyday so sometimes i just wanna not do anything. Its really not a great excuse but its the truth. I just want my actions to show that i believe in her even though some days i do way more than others. She means everything to me and i know this will payoff in the end. Anyone have some advice ??
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  3. by   Leader25
    You sound like a gem and seem to be trying to work together to accomplish this difficult goal.The Mr.Mom role is great,it is a big help when her mind can be free to study and focus on her school work.Nursing school is very challenging.I also suggest not to forget each other in the middle of such a busy and exhausting life,and obligations.
    Plan occasional time together,does not have to be expensive,just devoting some time together,to reconnect,recharge.Talk and tell each other about your day.As far as the children go try to watch supernanny for tips on parenting.
    Nurses like to talk about their day and the stress but men do not want to feel the reliving of her day.So find something else you both enjoy talking about and listen even just a little about her day.

    Good luck to you,keep us posted.
  4. by   Accolay
    Welcome to the real deal. This is life. Remember the end game. If you can get through this bit, you can get through anything. Certain parts of your life will have to be put on hold until this stuff is done. Money may be tighter, stresses higher. And the hard truth is that it's not going to get easier until after she's graduated, and even then after she's put in a year of work at her first nursing job.

    If you really care, and you want to make it work, keep the mantra that it's all going to be better in the end and know that her life isn't sunshine and daisies right now. Keep doing the house work. That work will go unnoticed because it's the bare minimum standard. You start getting points for doing more than the standard. You may feel neglected sometimes, but know that she appreciates it.

    People who are successful do what they have to do for the long haul to get the job done. That means that you don't really want to do nothing, because that would mean it's not congruent with your joint goal of making this work. If the relationship dissolves what will be your defense? "I was tired after work and didn't want to do anything?" Come on!

    Suck it up and do what you have to do to make this work. +1 from Leader on scheduling a few hours a week of together time.