The iPad Mini is compact and durable.

  1. Here is my review of an Apple IPad Mini. It's a small handheld tablet that is very versatile and useful for many applications. I would be very interested in your comments.

    I have had an iPad Mini for several months now. I am into all things Apple so I must be honest and let everyone know up front that I am a little biased. However, since few reviewers are completely unbiased, thought I would still put my thoughts down on paper.

    I use my iPad mini for work, charting patients' visits and mostly...cruising AN!


    Size - it is very compact, not much bigger than a Kindle, light and fits easily into an average sized handbag. I have carried it around in my lab coat pocket but more commonly, when I'm a seeing patient; I just carry it around in my hand.

    Durability - now this is a two-fold issue: first of all the iPad Mini is quite durable and can easily withstand the usual bumps and bruises that I dish out. However, the caveat to this is that you also need a solid case. I have tried several cases, with and without keyboards, sleeves, etc. The best one (and the current one that I use) is the Life Proof iPad Mini case. It completely encases the iPad and provides dust, dirt, scratch, water, bumps and bruise protection. I have dropped my iPad from a height of approx. 2-3 feet onto a concrete floor and though I was concerned, the iPad came thru it without a scratch or any damage at all.

    Ease of Use - while I absolutely love Apple products, I have little patience, so ease of use and the quickness with which you can get it up and running is important to me. And...once again, Apple doesn't disappoint. Easy, simple set up and off you go!

    Recharging - quickly recharges and has a long battery life. I usually just plug mine into the car charger and I'm set.

    Wi-Fi and 4G - important for users that travel as it is very easy to get a cell signal and not so easy to always be in a Wi-Fi one. Well worth the extra $100 or so.


    Size - although size is a pro, it can also be a con. I would like to see it be just a little smaller so that it would easily fit into a lab coat pocket.

    Easier interface with electronic medical records - since I practice in several hospital systems, it would be nice to have a fast interface. Maybe use a Citrix platform and be able to load all the EMRs on one screen and then you pick and choose which one you want. However, I was very fortunate and by calling the Help Desks of the hospitals I was able to quickly get them loaded.

    Initial expense - the range for iPad Minis is on the higher end. However, you get what you pay for.

    Overall, the iPad Mini has proved to be a wonderful purchase and I use it every day.

    Surfing AN, charting, email all work seamlessly. I would highly recommend the Apple iPad Mini for anyone that wants a small, very reliable and functional tablet. Well worth every penny!
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  3. by   StNeotser
    Can I ask how much storage you got? I don't really have much music, books and such so wondered if I could get away with 16GB or if I would regret it?
  4. by   ShantheRN
    I heart my iPad mini! It's the perfect size. I don't even touch my Nook anymore. StNeotser, I got the 16gig and I'm not close to being out of memory. I have a few books, movies, and a lot of music on mine.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    16 g is what I got too and no issues. I also got the 4g version because I'm in my car apt so no wi fi. very happy with my choices.
  6. by   StNeotser
    Well thanks. I've been looking to get something and I saw someone at work with an iPad mini. To me it's "Goldilocks size" not too big or too small but just right. I'd also like to be able to load a drug guide onto it if possible. I have one on my work laptop but I know it would be more convenient to have it on a small tablet. I hate accessing the internet on my iPhone because it's really too small.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    I use uptodate and like it

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