Is Email becoming a tool of the past?

  1. Email in our personal lives was the number one way of communicating to each other, we can send emails around the world with a click of a button. It was quicker than mailing a letter and waiting days for a response. Today in 2014 we want quicker, faster and more immediate responses, we want instant gratification from text messaging and face timing. I suggest emailing is fast becoming a dinosaur, all I seem to receive in my inbox are advertisements and spam. However with that being said email does play a vital role in our working environment.

    Is email dying? Unless it is email at work, I rarely look at my personal emails anymore. Most of the emails in my outlook express are from companies who are trying to give me a discount or sell me something.

    The subject headline will often say hey "Madwife we miss you come back and I will give you 30% off your next purchase". I get around 1000 emails a week into my home account, I rarely if ever open them I just delete them without care or consideration.

    The only emails I really care about are the ones from a friend or family member who are not on Facebook, twitter, Viber and of course I will open them and read them provided the subject line looks like a real email.

    I am sure you have all seen the emails which are supposed to be from a dear friend of your and will often contain a link which is a virus. Do not open these emails and do not press the link. They really screw up your computer and will often steal from your address book, or so I am lead to believe.

    I do not want a computer virus so pressing any kind of links is something I will never ever do! Of course before I knew emails contained virus in their links and photos I would click and go. This year in February, my email account was hacked and I still do not know how! I suspect it was from a professional website which I joined because I was inundated with requests to link up with other professionals.

    I only knew when all these emails kept coming into my account saying 'Not deliverable' which of course was a surprise to me because I never send any emails from my AOL account-it is purely there if I buy something and need a receipt!!

    This virus then somehow accessed my address books and spammed everybody I had ever received or sent (many moons ago) an email to. This virus included a link, which asked everybody to click! My old place of work contacted me to inform me that every single person in the company had received this email from me and that I needed to take action.

    I had to delete every single address in my address book, delete all my emails received and sent, I had to change my passcode. This did seem to solve the issue but I have no idea how my email account had been hacked. I only keep this account working to receive emails regarding some accounts that inform me their bills have been paid.

    My daughter only has an email account so that she can join social media websites. All she is interested in is texting, facetime, instagram, twitter and snapchat.
    The only device she needs is her IPhone-everything is done via this vital part of her life.

    The computer/laptop is for homework!

    I remember when email was the highlight of my life, I just couldn't wait to email and to receive emails, now I am happy to go for days without looking, because nothing interesting is ever there.

    However at work, I live by my emails it is the quickest way to get information to as many people as possible-in the ever changing environment of nursing. It is a life saver because it also counts as proof you have informed somebody of something they need to know. The onus in my company is on the person who doesn't read the email. All my co-workers are expected to have access to their email account and they are expected to read them.

    For job applications and acknowledgments then email is vital-lots of information will be sent to you for to read and action.

    So is email dying? My answer is yes in our home life but no in our worklife.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Great article for AN's Technology / Internet / Software forum.

    I share your pain having 3 email accounts: personal, work and allnurses. Best advice: use UNSUBSCRIBE feature and do not signup for persistent websites. Also check your privacy settings -can mask location to minimize tracking.