How many people, here, are purchasing SSDs or computers with SSDs?

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    Just curious. . . How many people here are either upgrading their computers with Solid State Drives (SSDs) or purchasing new computers with SSDs already installed? I know that SSDs are more expensive, but, DANG!, they sure move things right along when starting the computer, or engaging a software program or editing video!
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  3. by   TC3200
    Glad you reminded me: I have a 265GB SSD in a box. I purchased it last July or August. It probably had a 1yr warranty. So I hope it's not a DOA drive, hahahahaha!
  4. by   Ted
    TC3200 - Hopefully it works for you!! How do you plan on using it? As a primary drive? As a second or third drive? I've installed SSD on two of my computers and set them up as primary drives. Programs load up fairly quickly, now.
  5. by   TC3200
    This is a really old thread, lol. But after I posted here, I installed that SSD into a 2009 or 2010 Toshiba L505-ES5034 i3 330M Satellite that I had bought used for $100 in 2011 with a screwed-up hard drive. It runs really fast with a SSD, so fast that I am still happily using it as my primary laptop and have never felt compelled to buy a newer computer. lol Primary drive is the only way that a hard drive can be installed on this model, unless one can round up some kind of tray that replaces the DVD writer drive so that a second hard drive can be installed. SSD works great in spite of being long out of warranty.

    eta: Since 2011, I have only bought used computers and used tablets. I have paid, usually, less than half of their new price. All of this hardware has run great, and I've used it a while then upgraded to something newer but secondhand and sold or gave away the old stuff, except the Toshiba Satellite because it's fast enough for me and its keyboard is great for actual touch typing. I looked at new laptops periodically but they just haven't impressed me enough to buy. I did, however, treat myself to a new 40" LED TV which offers better picture, less power consumption, and takes up less space than the CRT TV it replaced. And I can actually lift it and move it myself, something I was completely unable to do to the 30" flat screen CRT that I'd bought back in 2004!
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  6. by   Ted
    TC3200 - I'm an Apple Computer user, not that this means anything. Like you, I've purchased the last two Mac Pros second-hand (used), then updated the heck out of them. My current 2009 Mac Pro has been updated to a 2010 Mac Pro with upgraded CPUs. The only things missing are the Thunderbolt Ports which are incompatible with these Mac Pro computers. No worries. I have external PCIe ports which handle information fast enough for my needs. All drives attached to this computer (inside and out) are SSDs, of course. It edits high-definition video with ease.

    It's good to read that your updated computers are working out well for you! That 40" LED TV must be sweet to have in your impressive set-up. Cool!

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