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Cheap Computers

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have you received an e-mail like this?

attention all healthcare workers: doctors, nurses and staff:

you must respond by 5 p.m. friday, june 4, 2004.

through a special arrangement, avtech direct is offering a limited

allotment of brand new, top of-the-line, name-brand desktop computers

at more than 50% off msrp to all doctors, nurses, staff and associates

who respond to this message before 5 p.m., friday, june 4, 2004.

here is a little of what i found out.

please note the below email as some of the faculty and staff have received it this morning. avtech direct is a a scam designed to sucker people into sending them money. if avtech actually sends you a computer, it is always a defective unit which they then claim needs to be sent back to be fixed. after that you will not hear from them again, which means they have both your money and the original computer back.


i've seen at least a dozen emails from victims around the country and the date always changes so that it sounds like this is an urgent, one-time offer. the truth is that this scam has been going on since the beginning of january and noone has been able to catch them yet because noone has figured out how to track them down. there is no website, no contact info other than the email and they have no physical address to alert authorities.


i would suggest you let as many people as possible know that this is a scam. anyone on this mailing list could be draw in pretty easily. you can find dozens of instances of people being scammed simply by doing an online search of "avtech direct".


more info : http://www.connect.more.net/lists/technic/2004.04/0413.html

hope no one has fallen for this scam.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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