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Being a parent vs having babies..

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Being a parent is a far cry from being able to give birth.

I don't tell others how to parent but I am getting disgusted with what I have to see out in public but I still mind my own.

Never been a perfect parent and won't pretend to be one either but my kids were not entitled to disturb everyone else in the store, restaurant and other public places.

Of course almost any female can give birth and any almost any male be a donor but I do not think that will make them successful parents and I am really not talking financial success because lazy parenting spans across all levels of society.

Why do people give into children so much? I mean with the constant giving in and buying the most and the newest isn't just bad for the bank account but it has long term bad effects of entitlement and I really do not see how anyone treasurers anything if everything is given. I know someone who gave and gave and made excuses even after their (failure to launch son) was well into his 40s he is the same age as I am. And rarely if ever works. he believes he is entitled to everything others have and now with his parents gone he even steals what he thinks he is entitled to.

Now if you want to give your child all the latest and greatest go ahead but please for the sake of the rest of society leave them a sizable amount in your will so when you are gone he isn't stealing and expecting the rest of us to support him.

thank you!

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One of the few things I remember clearly from my OB rotation in school was the instructor saying that some women really have a deep need to be pregnant, but they don't really want to have a baby.

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