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balancing school and family

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I am in my last six months of LPN school. I was a teen mom and put all my dreams and desires on hold. when my kids were finally old enough and in school full day, I decided to go back to what i always loved and wanted to be a part of. Nursing. With a husband and two kids (ages 7 and 8) it has been such a difficult road. and last year i though I had my husbands support. he was happy, and encouraging. But this year it's been the opposite. I go to school 5 days, and two of those days I'm a serious zombie because of clinicals. I am always working on some work up, studying for some test, doing some project etc. and when i want to destress and talk about nursing, he doesn't wanna hear it. and if i do get to say anything, he's not really listening or responding.

Tonight, I feel asleep on the couch while we were browsing for something to watch and he yelled at me, about how i do this all the time, and i never find time to spend with him etc etc. I try so hard, I really do. I'm exhausted all the time! I feel like such a failure as a wife. I just can't figure out how to balance things, and to get him to understand my side of it.

anyhoo, sorry for being so long. Just any advice you have to offer, will be greatly appreaciated.

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