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amoLucia amoLucia (Member)

August 5, 2014

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Just thought I'd open up the day with this note. Today is International Beer Day. It's also Underwear Day.

I've bee reading along, But I thought I'd peep up today so y'all could have some reason to celebrate the day!


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Good Morning amoLucia, and all who follow.....

So, I guess I will celebrate the day by wearing fresh, clean underwear, and then when I get off work this afternoon, I will have a non-alcoholic beer and get not-drunk. Yippeeeeee! :woot:

The dogs woke me up too early, so I gave them their 'mediss' and breakfast, and now I am going back for two hours more sleep!

Have a terrific Toozdae y'all!

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Hi amoLucio and NSIME :wavey:

Insomnia again. :arghh:

We got some rain off and on this evening . .well, last evening actually - and I just looked outside and the street is wet again. Not sure how much the fires are getting.

On call so can't do the Benadryl trick.

It is almost 3 a.m.

Good morning to all you East Coast folks!


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Good Morning Amo, NSIME and Stephanie,


Hmmmmm beer for lunch will need to have this approved by my DPS. LOL Maybe we can have a beer while doing our IDG this afternoon, now there's a thought. :yes:


Rest up NSIME, our dogs are precious aren't the?


Sorry about Mr Insomnia raising his ugly head Stephanie, I do pray you can get some rest before commencing your day.


Awesome day being back at work and catching up with some of my patients, got lots of hugs from them and families.:shy:


Orienting a new staff member who is so sweet and will be awesome as a case manager. Worked in hospice before so she really just needs to learn our system. We had a great day with lots of laughter, she is a real go getter which I appreciated.


Nice to get home and relax although I have to admit I sure missed my nap yesterday. LOL


Looking forward to another wonderful day with our IDG meeting this afternoon.


Prayers for those fires to be put out with this rain and for those that are struggling with personal or life issues.


Much love to you all this beautiful day.

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Hope you get some sleep tonight Steph.

Morning Amo Stars Sabby

Yesterday went good. Didn't get a break but didn't have to rush either. I think the key to this job is to take it as it comes and not expect anything. If you try to plan an easy day or plan to take a lunch hour it's likely you'll be disappointed.

I finally started looking into my CCM yesterday! Found out the dates and the process for applying for the exam, it looks like the next one is in December. Doing some research into study materials, going to start the application process this weekend. Glad I'm getting started with this, I wanted the CCM before I made any changes with my job.

Nothing unusual going on today, just work and then laundry. Will do some exercising today, now that all of the rain from yesterday is past.

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Good Morning -

Well. . . Today is Beer Day AND Underwear Day! Sadly, I don't drink. But if I did, I'd drink a mug of bear wearing only underwear today! :D amoLucia, I hope you post on the Good Morning thread more often! :)

No Stars in My Eyes - See you were up early this morning. Hope you got some extra sleep!

Steph - Hope you got some extra sleep, too. Insomnia is just not fun. Also, I hope those fires are getting some of the rain that you're seeing.

Sabby_NC - Seems like you have a new and pleasant member on your work-team. Hope all goes well with the orientation process, which seems like it will.

Joe - Glad to read that you started looking into the CCM process. Wish you well as you pursue your certification.

Had a lovely day, yesterday. Amy and I had lunch with my father. That in itself was nice. Afterward, Amy and I did some shopping then went out on a movie date. Saw the movie sci-fi, "Lucy". I love science-fiction movies (and books). This movie was interesting and made for good (not necessarily great) sci-fi. We both enjoyed it, though. Later last night I finally finished this video project. I, just now, finished burning the last of the DVDs that I'll be mailing to the writer/director.

It's already warm outside. But it looks like that it will be the ONLY day this week when I can mow my lawn. The lawn is calling my name to mow it!! "Mow me, Ted. You must mow me!" LOL! So, that's what I'll be doing today!

Hope all have a pleasant day! Pleace, folks! :)


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Thank you Amolucia for starting the thread! i'm celebrating by wearing my blue flowered underpants.

I hope No stars and Steph got enough sleep to enjoy today.

Sabby: I'm glad your orientee is a go getter. Your posts always make me smile.

Joe: You are such a good planner. Case managers are so important for some patients. Getting certified should give you options.

Ted: I've seen the previews and heard Morgan freeman talk about "Lucy" on a talk show. He does have a fantastic voice. He admitted he just learned his lines without understanding the techno-medico babble.

Wow. You finished your video project!

I hope you all have a great day!

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Thank y'all for the welcome. Just got of the phone to make an appt with my new PMP in a new- for- me practice.

Don't you just love it when the VERY FIRST words uttered are '"will you hold please?' Like does anyone really say "NO, I won't"?

Someone made tapioca the other day. All I can do is repeat another's "mmmmmm. tapioca", paraphrasing Homer Simpson.

I had made a crockpot blueberry/peach compote and it would just go together so lovely with the tapioca, which I don't have. :crying2:

But I have an excellent brand of ricotta that I can put the compote on. Just as good!

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This was my last day with my patient; bittersweet. The next three days will be covered by my alternate caregiver, and then the facility is on its own with floor staff taking care of her along with the other 20+ patients. ( Just two NA's each shift.) After an undetermined period of time the facility will be in contact with POA, and would that I could be a fly on the wall for THAT conversation!

I will take time to decompress by not jumping in to the office and looking for a job/case to work this weekend, which will give me 5 days off, maybe 6 days. My wallet won't be very happy about that but I need what I need, and I'm TIRED! I think a little breather is called for before I switch gears.

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