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Recently received the old yearly eval. It was very apparent, they were based on peer evaluations. I find this to be extremely unprofessional of management. I have always found peer evals can be extremely biased. Have never agreed with doing them on anyone due to this fact.

Overall, it was good. HOWEVER, I was found deficit in one area. Organization and prioritizing. One issue which is, however, a significant area of nursing. After 22 years of nursing, NOW there is an issue? I can honestly say, I do NOT believe it to be a deficit!! I was so disgusted in the evaluation process itself, I really didn't wish to give a retort since the manager does not know our true performance. Just will play along and develop a "plan of action".


And one wonders why less and less are going into this so called profession. :bugeyes:

MsILLRN, this is what it has become. No wonder new grads feel thrown under the bus.

Twenty-five years ago, I was hired as charge nurse 3-11 at a city county hospital. Human resources conducted classes teaching all new CNs how to complete performance reviews. But it isn't employed in this work environment.

Retorting to the manager would have only given the peer group more ammo to say that you are 'overly emotional' or 'defensive.' Peer group evals have the potential to be deadly. I have had several reviews by incoming managers who had never worked with me. Management by hearsay.

Poor managers use evaluations as leverage. What if you received praise and asked for more money? Rather than answer that, no praise is offered. I agree with your assessment of poor management, but no management is closer to the truth.

I am sorry that this has happened to you.

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Centex, thanks for the nice post back and at least understanding. Yes, this is what it has become and there is absolutely no use fighting it. Just purely another example of lousey management. Just extremely frustrated where medicine has gone. :crying2:

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Hey, i speak fluent Russian but i know this reply is a bit late so it might not help you but.... Not available is neh dostupnaa or nehtu if you are trying to say there is none of this.

I also wanted to know if anyone knew of any generic pathway bsn nursing programs in NY that are well renouned. I will be graduating HS in June/2013 in the top 15th percentile of my graduating class with a GPA of 3.7 and a 1660 on my SAT.

I am quite befuddled by the entire college process so if someone can help me out that would be superb.

Thanx in advance

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