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As a first generation American..

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14 hours ago, KonichiwaRN said:

Yea, it would sound illogical...

especially from the side that wants to "rid" the electoral college.

which actually is weird, from "our" side. But hey. Whatever gets you guys happy right? Change the game as we play along.


"Senate Democrats, led by Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz, and with support from Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois, Dianne Feinstein of California and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York—also a 2020 presidential contender—introduced a constitutional amendment to do away with the institution altogether (Fortune, 2019)."


Not the first time;




13 hours ago, KonichiwaRN said:

For those of you that lack the cognitive wherewithal to grasp the core agenda of my "disgust.."

Here is a simple phrase to help you guys understand.


A "group" of population that calls themselves Americans, are PREVENTING other Americans from receiving the ideologies (right or wrong) by a participant practicing their FREE SPEECH in a PRIVATE EVENT.


These are the tactics that has been used by countless of 

Dictators during "their" rise to power.

"These are the tactics that has been used by countless of Dictators during "their" rise to power."

I agree but...






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