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April 9, 2021

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Good morning!

J22, glad you got the IRS issue resolved.

Joe, I like how you take the time to stop and think about your jobs, what you like and don't like and when it might be time to leave.  Finding a reasonably priced vet that is actually good and in it for the animals rather than the money is a good thing.  

Stars, hope the effects of the vaccine are mild.  

Work yesterday was pretty busy.  We discharged eight and got eight in.  The only good thing is they kept three nurses and we started with four apiece rather than six to one.  Today there is only two of us scheduled, so I'm hoping they find another nurse to start us at 4:1 rather than 6:1.  We left with 12 patients so 6:1 is a possibility.  

I got a call on Wednesday after hours from someone that claimed to be from my debit card.  I ignored it but I asked my bank if they tried to contact me and they confirmed it was a legit call from the security agency they use.  So I called them and they wanted to know if one of my charges was legit and I said yes I made they charge, and they asked if I made if of my free will and was I coerced into it.  I said yes and I was not coerced and thanked them for looking after me.  I've been the identity theft route twice.

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Tweety that is good that the call was legit.  Hope you ratio isn't too bad today

Nj22 a different vet sounds like a good idea.  Glad the IRS issue was resolved

Stars glad that you've had pretty minimal side effects

Work was good yesterday, productive but not too busy, quiet in the morning.

Today we have a training as well as a meeting, so I've tried not to schedule too much

After work did a lot of errrands, went to the bank, bakery, grocery store, library, and pet store.  No bell choir this week.  Had time to do some laundry

Signed up for our county and Walgreens for a vaccine, of course nothing currenlty available.  Will keep signing up and searching and see

Dad just had his 2nd shot, no side effects yet.  J gets his 2nd next week

J's trip to California has gone well so far.  He did hear from his sister, his BIL does have stage 4 pancreatic CA and will begin chemo, although who knows how much that will help

Think it will be a bit cooler today but rain should hold off




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Guessing y'all may have heard that England's Prince Philip has died He was just 2 months shy of his 100th birthday. He had an interesting background and history. He was Greek & Danish royalty himself before marrying Eliz.

Condolences for his close & extended family, and that for the British Commonwealth.

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It's been a gorgeous day today.  Sunny, in the low 70s.  I'm glad I was working from home today and could sit outside while I did my calls.  I got in a walk at lunch, too.  After work I went to pick up a tapestry I had framed.   My mother had embroidered it over 50 years ago.  I'm giving it to my DD next month for her birthday.  She loves needlework just like my mother did.  I'm so pleased with the way it came out.

So, I've been having a recurrence of severe GERD for the last couple of months.  I had a fundoplication done about 10 years ago, and it looks like it loosened just enough to let a big hiatal hernia pop though.  I'll be having a revision done on 4/26.  Yay...not.  At least I know why I was having symptoms.  I'll take a couple of weeks off of work after the surgery.  It's a nice time of year, and maybe I can hang out on my deck a bit.  It could be a lot worse.

My BIL had a feeding tube inserted about 10 days ago. He's gained a little weight.  He's scheduled for a PET scan Tuesday, which will determine the course of action.  I'm hoping it hasn't spread too much, and he can at least get some relief with treatment.  There's no cure, but he might get some good time left.

Tweety-That's great that your bank called to validate the activity on your account.  I hope you're not stuck with 6 patients today.

Joe-I hope you're able to get a vaccine soon.

Hi Amo-How are you doing these days?

Stars-Glad you got your jab and hope all of you are feeling ok.

J22-I agree it's time for a new vet.  Glad the IRS didn't give you any trouble.

Hi to Ted, Dianah, Herring, and anyone else who pops in.  Wishing everyone a good weekend.

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Hey, all...

Hadn't heard about Prince Phillip until I read the above post from amoLu. Poor Queen Elizabeth! Guess there will be a lot of 'pomp and circumstance' surrounding his funeral. Odd it wasn't mentioned on the news-feed just a while ago when I first signed on to my laptop! I'll have to track back and check it out when I leave AN's site.

The excitement (and on my part, disgust) in the neighborhood is that grandfather and step-grandson who live across the street from us, bought two young goats as PETS (!) for the great-grand-dgt who is only 1 & 1/2 years old. Like she could even appreciate them at her age. They put the goats temporarily in kind of a pen area in their garage/barn in the back of their yard, where they used to store animal feed for a horse they had YEARS ago. They had not even prepared any pen or anything....it was what you'd call a spur of the moment,  spontaneous purchase. But that 'pen' turned out to be a lot more temporary goat quarters than they thought, because the goats escaped almost immediately. They are 'dwarf' goats, not still babies, and not yet full grown, but they are definitely NOT acclimated to human beings. Some lady a few miles away had  goats and that's where they got them. She fed them, but didn't do anything with any of them, except raise and sell them.

This was yesterday. We have seen the white goat in our back yard twice, well, three times actually, because it was on our falling-down wooden back-deck (not usable by people) last night after dark. Anyway, at the slightest hint of a human's presence it runs off lickety-split into the woods down behind the very back of our back yard. The child's parents have gone back down searching behind our yard more than a few times. Some friend is going to bring his drone over to see if they can spot one or both goats, who are not together (we have not seen the gray one). What good will a drone do if they can't catch the poor things? I feel so sorry for those goats!!! Hubby has come up with the idea of 'luring' them up here with a site he found on-line, of goat-calls. But again, what good would that do if nobody can get near them? Hubby is worried that the goats presence will bring coyotes to the area and he doesn't want any coyotes slinking around here. Who can blame him for that? But those goats are going to be dealt with by nature, one way or the other, I guess. Poor li'l things.

Ach, well, now Nannie is upset because the ballgame doesn't start until 7:15 tonight, and she has deemed her bedtime is 'supposed to be' 7:30. I told her that she is an adult, so she can stay up and watch some of the game past 7:30! What a thought! I know she won't stay awake through the whole game but she really doesn't have any rules about her bedtime.  But, seven-thirty is somehow cemented in her mind! 

Aw, geeze, now hubby is irritated because it is Friday, which is "meatloaf night" at that family restaurant, but a few hours ago he called me when I was out, and had me pick up a couple of sub-sandwiches for Nannie and me for our lunch....which we ate between 2:30 and 3 PM...so, I am not the least bit hungry now; but when I said that, he leaned back in his chair with a big sigh like it upset his plans for supper. Even though I am halfway through doing three large loads of laundry, I volunteered to go pick up a couple of plates for them, but for some reason the fact that I don't want anything makes him act, well, not mad, but kind of put out. Cripes! You'd think after us being married for so long, he'd know or  remember I can't eat lunch at three and then want to eat supper at 5:30. I don't know what the big deal is. 


It's a while later now, and Nannie had no trouble shoveling down her supper. Ozzie is getting persnickety about his suppers lately, even though they have included some human food on top to entice him. He sits by his water bowl and just stares at me. But if I put some food down, he'll sniff at it and walk away. Sometimes I put some food up on the roof of his mouth, and though he doesn't like it when I do that, a few minutes later he will go eat the rest of it.

I feel crabby because everyone here is irritated for one reason or another. How 'bout THEY accommodate ME for a while?

Yuh, well, up and away Junior Birdmen!


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Hello all, Happy Friday!

BC, I know it's not what you wanted to hear, and not what you wanted to do (surgery) but it makes sense, yes.  I hope the surgery goes smoothly and your recovery is uneventful.  Sitting on a deck sipping lemonade and reading sound pretty good to me. 😉  All the best!!

No Stars, I suppose the drones could be used to locate the naughty little goats, so their owners can try to lure them into some sort of trap.  It does not bode well that they run when they encounter people!  And to be escape artists on top of that, well, something has to change!  They at least (after they are caught and returned to their pen) need a more secure pen with no chance of escape!  Hope you enjoy the game!

Hello Tweety, Joe, amoLucia, and anyone else who shows up!  HELLO to herring!!!  Hope your recovery is coming along!  We miss you!

It's nice to be off work!  It's 89 degrees out.  Maybe this weekend we can go up to Oak Glen and get some apples and apple pie.  We have no other plans.  In the future, I took some time off in May, when youngest ds and his wife will be visiting from Ohio.  Then, the next weekend, we will drive up to Big Bear City for the day, to jam with some friends who are meeting there.  And, of course, in June we will be camping near Big Bear City!  But I'm not excited, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!   lol!

Have a good evening!

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I always love looking at the goats at the local fair, but I never really wanted to own any. When I was growing up the neighbor had a little one and she was an escape artist. Her name was Spring, because she could really bounce. I hope those kids are rescued soon. 

Yay, Tweety that you got a call about your card. We have gotten twice in the last 20 years, once for a purchase out of state and once for a new refrigerator. Both were legit. Hope you didn't have to start with 6 patients. 

Joe, I hope you can get your shot(s) soon. The supply around here is really increasing. It helps that the 2 local tribes are offering them to all. Its still annoying that a person has to check several places continually to get dosed. 

BC, 70 degrees! that sounds lovely. It is in the mid-40s here, with rain sprinkles. I suppose the revision is via laparoscopy ? GERD is miserable.

I went for a bike ride and my face and fingers were numb at the end. I just got back from the vet office to pick up the anxiety med for Angus. He will get his blood drawn next week. I am going to give him a test dose tonight, because it just seems like a lot, even though I know doggy dosing is different from people dosing. 

Yes, I read about Prince Phillip. There is an article in the NY Times I am going to read later. 

Dh and I had a weird  conversation last night that still has me giggling. He was reading the renewal notice for the dog license, and said to the dog, "Angus, this says you're altered. Are you altered?" Then he asked me the same thing.

I thought he was kidding, so I said jokingly, "Well yeah, look at his butt." 

Dh then said, "What, you mean his tail?" His tail does looked docked, by the way. 

And then I said, "no, lower." Dh looked at me utterly confused. So blunt me said "He has no testicles." Then confusion turned to shock. 

"Well, why don't they just say that?"

"Altered is the term for either boys or girls. Boys are neutered, girls are spayed. If They're not altered, they're intact. "

"Well, that's just dumb. Angus, I like you just the way you are."

You live with someone for 45 years and think you know them, and then,  boom, they surprise you. 


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Good Evening -

A hope all are doing well. . . 

Sad to read about Prince Phillip's passing, especially with just a couple of months away from his 100th birthday.  On the other hand, it seems that he lived a full life. He certainly made his mark on Britain's history. 

Today is the first of  6 nights off from work. Started the day by going to the dentist to start the process of getting a new crown for my left upper molar with the big gap in it. There's a temporary crown on that tooth. Eating feels almost normal again (although I got used to feeling that gap in that tooth with my tongue). These past three days has been "sleep, eat and work". Work, during these past few days, was a nice steady busy. Nothing too crazy, thankfully. Finally got to bed around 10:30 AM this morning. Still feeling a bit groggy from being somewhat sleep deprived. 

The weather has been nice. Equally nice is seeing the leaf-buds on the trees slowly showing themselves. The leaves should be fully "grown" ("out") (??) within the next week or so. Then, everything will be gloriously green. I love Spring Time. 

Don't have any concrete plans for tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be nice. So, a power-walk, or a hike might be in good order. There's a lot of yard work that need to get done. So, I'll most probably start that yearly chore. At some point, I'm gonna look into getting a new mower. The current one is about 6 years old. It's been well-used. The handles on this push lawn-mower is literally being held together by bungie cords. It's a safety issue, now. 

Amy has some pre-procedure stuff to do tomorrow. Monday, early afternoon, she's have a suspicious growth removed from the tip of her nose. (It's not a wort.) I guess she's opting for local anesthesia, and maybe a light sedative. (I'll be driving her to and from the hospital.) Hopefully the biopsy will be negative. I (we) try not to think about it too much. We're just taking it a step at a time. Gotta admit that I hope that the biopsy report is returned quicker than later, and that the results are negative. The surgeon plans on getting it all out. If it is "positive", hopefully its removal will be all that's needed. 

Nothing much else going on. 

Peace. . . 


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I think I've heard/read that the Royals are planning to keep things moderately simple. Kinda hard for them to do that though.

stars - re goats. Is the neighborhood zoned for them to be housed as pets? Just because that other lady had goats doesn't mean she did so legally. Also, goats can be used for yard/lawn pruning. A nearby town yearly hires some 'goat' company to bring its goats to community areas to eat back overgrowth off ivy (biggest offender) & other vegetation. It works well, I believe. I do question - will NAN be safe when she's outside?????

Just to tell you, I had a delayed reax to my J&J vax of 3/31. Wednesday nite (4/7) my temp was 102.2. Nasty headache in the morning. But nothing else. It's been lowly resolving  - my PMP aware. Some readings says this vax has delayed reax. Also makes normal aches & pains more miserable. So just FYI.

bc - so sorry for your BIL.

pet parents - wishing your charges the best with all their problems.

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