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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Is that supposed to be a question or did you type in a post instead of a search bar? If you need assistance, you're going to need to be more specific.
  4. by   TopazLover
    I keep seeing this topic and it seems to be a black hole of nothing so I decided to stir it a bit.

    What is elderly? I am over 65, am I elderly? If I go to the hospital will I be listed as a fall risk and monitored closely for skin breakdown because of my age?

    I don't feel elderly. I never think of myself as one who would be included in precautions for the elderly. I know I have slowed down but am I elderly?
  5. by   amoLucia
    I like your thinking, aknottedyarn.
  6. by   TopazLover
    it really hit me when I was chatting with older sis. She had a recent hospital stay for a broken finger, cat bite, and resulting infection. It messed up her Diabetes which is always under control. She was in the hospital for 5 days. I did not ask if she had been treated as elderly. I suspect not. She has a personality that can quietly get you to see her POV and treat her as an adult.

    I do worry about it. Right now I am not treated as an old woman. I am given respect and others pick up slack that I used to do for others. I still feel capable but if people see my age, some respond differently to me. I saw this when I worked in the hospitals, also. I am hopeful that with so many baby boomers still so capable that it has changed.

    Getting older demands strength of character. It is easier to give up. Not in this family's vocabulary.
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  7. by   imintrouble
    You're not old.
    Ninety five is the new 60.

    The internet ad people must think we're old.
    I finished posting and the ad on the page was for suppositories.
    I'm not sure what orifice it was for.
  8. by   TopazLover
    I don't look or act my age. At work I climb ladders and carry heavy loads. I hate new gadgets that are electric though. I know that is a sign of aging. I have learned the basics of my smart phone and it still is smarter than I am.

    In the US we do not treat our elders very well. Individually, people love their grand parents but few know how to care for them or others who have a few years more growth. As we age we need certain things that others take for granted. Simple things like reaching high shelves. I have shrunk. I can't reach as high as I used to. Bottom deep shelves hurt. My knees survived many sports and now tell the tale. I might be able to get down but it is difficult to get up.

    I don't know when you get to be elderly. I hope no time soon. I am older, but not elderly. Please don't treat me that way.
  9. by   imintrouble
    A year ago, when my daughter was moving, my husband and I showed up to help. There were a few of her friends, but she needed our help. I noticed everybody would interfere, "I'll get that", when I tried to haul something heavier than a table lamp. At first I thought this is cool, they're being gallant, until I noticed the younger women were hauling heavy stuff.
    It made me sad. What did they see when they looked at me. I spent my entire life at my husband's side doing manual labor. I climbed ladders and roofed houses. I installed siding, windows, doors. I was the other side of plywood and drywall when there was only the two of us.
    Over the weekend he cut down a tree with a chain saw, and I picked up and hauled the wood for burning. We're still a team, and when he needs help. lifting, nailing, and sanding, I'm his girl Friday. I can handle the other half of whatever he can lift.
    We're almost 60, we're gray and wrinkled. But there's still plenty of life left in us. I'm not old either. I'm elderly. I won't let anybody treat me like an old lady again. Until I don't remember I'm not old.
  10. by   toomuchbaloney
    In my grandfather's day 65 was elderly.
    In my son's day it won't even be elderly enough to collect your social security or retire.
  11. by   Dewman
    "Elderly" is 20 years older than whatever I happen to be at the moment.
  12. by   TopazLover
    Quote from Dewman
    "Elderly" is 20 years older than whatever I happen to be at the moment.
    I can buy that definition. I figure in 20 years I will be a fleeting memory for a few. If I am alive I do hope I am running wheel chair races wearing pink and purple silks.
  13. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    I don't think I am at all elderly.
    Then again, I have apparently already read this thread and clicked 'like' on the posts. . . . but I don't remember that I read it before. Oopsie!