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Here's how kooky Viva shows everyone she's koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs: She goes to an appointment in a big building, gets turned around in there but doesn't realize it, goes out to her car and can't... Read More

  1. by   tewdles
    Some people have magnets in their noses, they can sense north...
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    And I can't tell north from south if my life depended on it. If you tell me to turn left at the blue house with a dog in the yard, I do just fine....but if said hound is in the house eating his supper, I'm in deep Bandini!! LOL
  3. by   dishes
    After Christmas shopping on a Saturday,I returned to a mall parking lot that was overflowing with cars, I looked and looked but couldn't see my car. I went to the mall security guard and he told me "People lose their cars all the time, come back tomorrow morning when the lots nearly empty and you will find it". So I went home without my car and came back the next morning, I found my car right away and surprisingly met five other people who had returned to pick up their lost cars too.
  4. by   SoldierNurse22
    I almost did this a few weeks ago! I was visiting my friends in DC and parked my car in a very big parking structure where the elevator came up into a building. Little did I know that the elevators on one side of the hall went to one parking structure and the elevators on the other side went to an entirely different one!

    I walked all over the wrong structure for probably 15 minutes, terrified that someone had stolen the car that my friend had been nice enough to loan me for the week! Thankfully, I have a lot of experience finding my way and I realized there HAD to be a catch! I walked up and out of the parking garage only to realize there was another garage--the short-term parking--nextdoor. WHEW!
  5. by   imintrouble
    One of my first real dates was to a major league baseball game with a guy who I still remember fondly.
    He parked the car, noted the level and number of the parking spot.
    After the game, we went to the parking garage, and couldn't find the car.
    We walked for hours? Days? Forever? You know guys won't ask for help
    I'm not sure how we found out, but the stadium had TWO parking garages.
    I would have walked forever as long as he was holding my hand. (It was a long time ago) He, on the other hand, was mortified.

    What a sweet memory.
    Thanks Viva.
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  6. by   Jamesdotter
    I learned the hard way to pay attention to which door of the supermarket I entered. I've spent half an hour looking for my car on the wrong side of the building too. I've also learned to note the color and the number of the row I'm in and even then can't believe I'm parked so far down the row when I get back to the car.!
  7. by   FranEMTnurse
    I had a dream a few nights ago that notified me it was April 20th. When I got up at 7 AM, I remembered the message, so I quickly logged into Facebook to wish my oldest daughter happy birthday with an attached Birthday Greeting. A couple hours later when my caregiver arrived, I told her I had a doctor appointment at 10:40 AM, and I had to hurry and get a shower. I did so with my caregiver's help, then off we went to the doctor. I approached the receptionist's desk, and informed her of my appointment. She suddenly began having a puzzled look on her face and asked me a few questions which I readily answered. Then she informed me that I didn't have an appointment that day. I learned it was April 17th, and not the 20 th. DUH! She then told me they were going to call me later that day anyway, to inform me that my very popular doctor would not be there on the 20th. Then she fit me in to a new appointment on May 2nd at 10 AM.
  8. by   Jamesdotter
    I love that my current car tells me which way I'm going. On country roads, I sometimes could swear I'm going south, but nope -northeast!
    I've done the search of the parking lot on the other side of the building too, more than once.