70 Year Old Woman Completed 7 Marathons - in 1 Week!!

  1. 70-year Chau Smith from Missouri recently completed a big goal for herself: running seven marathons on seven continents in the span of one week. Chau is part of a
    travel group called Marathon Adventures. Their challenge was called the Triple 7 Quest .

    She began the journey with nine other members. Her motivation to do it was to celebrate her 70th birthday this year. She trained for 8 months working with a running coach, physical therapist, and nutritionist.

    [QUOTE]Smith ran in Perth, Australia, Cairo, Amsterdam, Singapore, New York, Chile and King George Island, Antarctica in January. She’d wake up, run the marathon, then board a plane to the next location./QUOTE]

    What a way to celebrate a 70th birthday!! I think even if I started training now, I would never be ready by my 70th or any other birthday.

    For the complete story, read This 70-Year-Old Woman Ran a Marathon On Every Continent in 1 Week.
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  3. by   Farawyn
    That puts me to shame.