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Acumen Electronic Medical Record is Simple to Use

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We are all familiar with electronic medical records. As we go forward we are finding how our documentation is linked to reimbursement. This makes it extremely important that we thoroughly understand our EMR. This is a review of one private practices EMR.

Acumen Electronic Medical Record is Simple to Use

We all know that the electronic medical record (EMR) is here to stay. There are many products from several companies that provide this service. Currently our practice uses Acumen EHR and this is my review. We have been using this EMR for several years now and I use this on a daily basis.


Simple to use - after signing on, you choose your list of patients to display. Patients can be displayed by individual clinic, provider, or day of the week. This allows for streamlining the patient list selection process and also helps with HIPAA compliance in that you only pull up the patients that are necessary for you to view.

Integrates UpToDate on the main page of the EMR enabling an easy switch back and forth from medical record to a medical reference. UpToDate is the standard medical reference used by our practice.

Integrates EMRs of the local hospitals which allows for seamless transitioning between our practice and the hospitals. This is also accessed from the sign in page. We have several (5+) hospital systems where our patients obtain some of their outpatient testing so it is imperative that we have access to all of the medical care that our patients receive.

E-prescribing for all patients. All of our patients have medication lists that are updated at every visit. When a provider wishes to e-prescribe, they choose a patient and the pharmacy is already pre-loaded as well as allergy information. The e-prescribing program also integrates a medication interaction module so that if a non-standard dose is prescribed, the provider receives a pop-up asking if they wish to continue. This is a cue to the provider to consider a change.

Module for scanning in information from other sources i.e, biopsy reports, other practitioners' notes, consults and radiology reports. This also allows for continuity of care.

Serves as a billing tool also so that a super-bill is automatically generated at the end of the visit. This serves multiple purposes: allows for immediate bill preparation, auto-inclusive of level of care as well as ICD-10 coding. This also results in fewer office personnel needed to correctly bill for office visits.

Updates to the EMR are made often to remain in compliance with CMS and other insurance billing processes.


Does not work well to keep a running tally of visits. In order to see what a previous provider did, you must click on each individual visit. This can be time-consuming and repetitive.

Not integrated into any hospital's EMR. As patients seek healthcare from multiple sources, a standardized interface between private practices and hospitals would improve patient care.

As with any electronic device, there are times when Acumen goes down either due to server issues, electrical problems or other technical glitches. The company makes a concerted effort to perform scheduled maintenance during the night and works quickly to restore service during the day.

Overall, as a provider, I am very pleased with Acumen. It has saved our practice money, allowed us to be CMS compliant and overall has been a boon for us.

14-yr RN experience, ER, ICU, pre-hospital RN, 12+ years experience Nephrology APRN. allnurses Assistant Community Manager. Please let me know how I can help make our site enjoyable.

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