About allnurses

allnurses.com is the collective voice of the nursing community, supporting the profession by providing a place where nurses can network, share, and learn from their peers. With an ever-growing community of registered nurses, allnurses is the go-to place to communicate and discuss nursing, jobs, schools, NCLEX, careers, and so much more.

Where We Are Today

allnurses has grown from that vision of a nursing student into the largest peer to peer nursing site in the world. We are a global site reaching nurses and nursing students around the world. What started out as one page with eight links is now a niche social networking site with many registered nurses who contribute an average of 1,700 posts a day regarding nursing careers, nursing news, schools, best practices, and everything nursing related. Ninety-nine percent of the site content is generated by community members who represent more than 60 different nursing specialties. There are more than 4 million unique visitors each month with 13 million page views. allnurses has expanded its online presence through multiple Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram which collectively have more than one million nursing influencers. allnurses is also meeting the needs of job seekers and those looking for career assistance through its new and improved Job Board and Career Resource Center.

Looking Toward The Future

As allnurses continues to spread its wings and look toward the future, we will keep in mind the mission of the site: To support and elevate the nursing profession by providing a place where nurses and nursing students can network, learn, and support one another, as well as a platform on which nurses' voices can be heard.