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A Man Way Ahead of His Time

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Has your "get up and go" got up and went? In this video clip, jack lalanne shares his timeless wisdom on living to one's full potential. This prototype of successful aging has steadfastly practiced what he has preached over the past 70 years and is still amazing at age 94, our national geriatric hero.

Successful aging has three critical components:

  • avoiding disease and disability
  • maintaining mental and physical function
  • continuing engagement with life

In 1936, la lanne, at age 21, opened the first modern health studio. La lanne also devised some of the nation's first models of basic health equipment — including a pulley machine using cables, a leg-extension machine, and weight selectors.

Starting in 1951, jack la lanne broadcast a television message of "get up, work out, and feel better" to millions of viewers. This popular television program lasted 34 years.

At age 60, lalanne performed an amazing feat by successfully swimming from alcatraz island to fisherman's wharf in san francisco while towing a 1000-pound boat. Ten years later, he pulled 70 boats with 70 people 1.5 miles in long beach harbor, while wearing handcuffs.

Lalanne's famous fruit and vegetable juicer regimen has evolved over seven decades with today's model sporting a high-output induction motor. Mmmm - nothing like a cocktail of garden-fresh fruit and vegetable juice blends to spark vitality!


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He's amazing. He always said he'd live past 100 and I'm sure his positive attitude has a lot to do with it on top of physical activity and good nutrition.

However, he is so strict to the point of being anal..never eats cake or any kind of junk food. But he's happy and who am I to judge?

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My father was in the band on a Princess cruise ship when Jack La Lanne and his wife were passengers.

At the Captains Dinner he wore a short sleeve tuxedo that showed off his biceps.

My Dad saw him share an ice cream cone with his wife in Skagway. Jack took a very few licks.

I've admired him for decades. One summer my Mom and I did exercises with his TV show nearly every day.

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