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  1. Friday March 26 2021

    BC hope the Covid numbers go down there. Its good that youre volunteering to give shots NJ22 glad to hear the dentist visit went well. My last one was pretty good Woke up with a headache yesterday, an

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    Saturday April 17, 2021

    Good Morning! Joe, glad you felt better and the vaccine had minimal effect. Sorry to read about Js BIL. Dianah, hope you had a good day. Ted, glad you had a good day as Shift Director. Its nice to hav

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    Sunday - April 25th, 2021 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! Tweety - I read the post that you wrote, yesterday, on FB (and that you wrote here). Please forgive the cliche, but we are only human. It seems that your assignment was unfair, quite fra

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    Saturday April 3, 2021

    Good morning! BC, glad the BIL is feeling better and hope the treatment goes well. Ted, sorry that covid is throwing a glitch in Easter. Glad that Amy is back at work after such a long time. Too bad t

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    Saturday - May 15th, 2021 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! It looks to be another lovely day today. The sun is out with few clouds, with the temp going up to around the low-70s. Seems to be a perfect day to video-record a dance recital held outd

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    Tuesday April 27, 2021

    Good morning! J22, glad that you got some business at the vaccination clinic. Not feeling good about the vaccination hesitation but not surprised. It is a bit baffling sine weve had the highest number

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    Thursday April 29 2021

    NJ22 that tends to be my experience with case management, though too much work tends to be the norm for me Thats great news Amo! Hi Stars Work was crazy again yesterday morning, there was additional w

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    Monday May 17th 2021

    Tweet that is a concern if the long time employees are getting burned out Star I got a Hoover Whole House to replace the old WindTunnel I had BC hope you feel better. Happy birthday for your DD Yester

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    Tuesday - May 25th, 2021 - Good Morning!

    The title of this post should be named, The Puppy. (I promise! Ill keep it short!!! LOL! 😛 ) The Puppy. . . She is Adorably Cute! To look at her your heart melts, and all you want to do is hug it and

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  2. Memorial Day Monday May 31 2021

    A time to reflect, for sure Stars glad Ozzie is better. Hope you feel better too Ted I can imagine it must be a very challenging thing to train a new puppy Hi NJ22. It does sound like that place was t

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    Monday March 29 2021

    Morning Tweety, Amo, Stars, and NJ22 Was a fairly busy day yesterday. Church ran a bit late due to Palm Sunday. The migraine was flaring so I was inpatient to get home and take pills. Eventually I did

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    A Ghost of Breakroom Past


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    April 9, 2021

    Good morning! J22, glad you got the IRS issue resolved. Joe, I like how you take the time to stop and think about your jobs, what you like and dont like and when it might be time to leave. Finding a r

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    Friday - July 9th, 2021 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning - Its raining outside! Again! Wish some of this rain would make its way to the areas of the country experiencing drought conditions!! Therere flood warnings for nearby low-lying areas. We

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    Sunday June 13th 2021

    Dianah I do that for trips as well Hi Davey! NJ22 I notice Im getting up a bit earlier too, perhaps its the early summer mornings Ted glad that Sedona is gradually learning Stars today I was chopping

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    Saturday May 22 2021

    NJ22 12 days off sounds like, glad you found a good dog sitter Ted getting ready for a new puppy seems fairly involved. Hope all goes smoothly Stars I hope you can get the phone straightened out Diana

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    Friday May 7, 2021

    Good morning! Dianah, so glad you had a decent time at Disney. Disney here has been open since last summer and started with similar precautions. Theyve opened up more and are continuing to have precau

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    Saturday March 27 2021

    Stars it did seem your area had a lot of bad storms that day, though mostly farther south NJ22 glad you got the colonoscopy scheduled, though those are never fun Tweety hope today proves a better day

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    Monday May 24, 2021

    Good morning! Ted, sounds like things are going well with the puppy. Im sure shes eating up the attention and love and feels safe. Stars, is there a store nearby you can go to have someone help you li

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    Sunday May 23 2021

    Ted glad that youre finally going to get your puppy Hi Tweety BC sorry to hear about the drama. Glad your sisters DH is doing better NJ22 must still be cool there, to need a jacket. Quite warm here St

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