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How will history judge us?

How will history judge us? This is the most degrading thing I have ever witnessed in my life. As healthcare professionals, we know the psychological effects of Erik Erikson stages of development, the...

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2018 Elections

How about a place to discuss the upcoming elections? To start with, how about this blue wave we keep hearing about? If elected, besides a get rid Trump agenda, what are the Democrats going to do...

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Joe V

August 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

I believe this will be fun. I think we'll easily get 100+ captions so make sure you submit your caption(s) ASAP. Your mission, should you choose to accept it... Create a LOL sharable caption....

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Is it important for elected leaders to be truthful?

Trump denies he used vulgarity to describe Haiti, African countries In bluntly vulgar language, President Donald Trump questioned why the U.S. would accept more immigrants from Haiti and "s---hole...

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Social media can affect your hireability

I'm a landlady and currently in the process of sorting through prospective tenants. The first thing I do is look through person up on Facebook and the state court website. I had a very...

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Some Peoples Response to President Obama

Yes many people have protested President Trump. Some protest what he has said. some protest what he has done, and some are rude and insulting. Many protested the previous president also. ...

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Senate Intel backs assessment of Russian election meddling

The Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday backed the intelligence community's assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to aid President Donald Trump and is continuing...

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Kooky Korky

Ketogenic Diet

What do you know about the ketogenic way of eating? Have you ever done it? Why or why not? What was your experience with it? Pros and cons? Are you an exerciser? How much and how often,...

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Where could I go for winter vacation?

Hello Community! I would love to fly somewhere during winter season to have a warm climate during winter vacation. Because I want yet so far away for warm winter climate I wanted to ask around here...

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Miss America eliminates swimsuits, won't judge on looks

Miss America 218 pageant won't have swimsuit competition, Gretchen Carlson announces today - CBS News

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Trump is Racist? I Don't Think So

President Trump has been accused of being a racist (and more recently a fascist) since before the beginnings of his presidency. Trump has been quoted as saying: "Why are we having all these...

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I'm a conservative, and i went to an alexandria ocasio-cortez rally

I hope you all find this interesting: Too bad we all don't believe that all our children deserve healthcare and education. That someone with a full time job should be able to afford a place to...

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Fentanyl used for executions?

Drug company lawsuit stalls Nevada inmate's opioid execution - BBC News What do you think of Fentanyl being used for executions? I had it once during a carpal tunnel surgery. I was totally...

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Trump administration no longer will defend the Affordable Care Act in court

The Trump administration declared that it no longer will defend the Affordable Care Act from a challenge filed by 20 states because it agrees that the law's individual mandate is unconstitutional and...

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Health Tips
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Do YOU Keto?

Just wondering if there are any fellow Ketoers out there. I've been Ketoing since January and have lost 40 pounds. I feel great, and my numbers have gone down significantly (BP, cholesterol, CRP)...

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'Bouncing breasts harassment nurse struck off

'Bouncing breasts' harassment nurse Aaron Kibaja is struck off - BBC News What is disturbing about the article is that a couple of his victims didn't feel free to complain, one because she was...

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Do you think this is a scam?

Has anyone received a letter from Canada stating that they have been left 2 million dollars in a patients will who had recently passed away? No money required. No personal information required. Only...

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Art and Music

I hadn't heard of this guy until he was just on the radio singing this song. Please post any poetry, visual art, or music about our political situation(s) ...

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Relationship with a Narcissist

Have any of you ever dated a narcissist? I'm talking about the kind where they're abusive on every level and super jealous of you but family and friends think they're the greatest gift to man? If...

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Other than AN and work, what do you like to do to pass time?

I find myself on Facebook a lot. I'm a big Disney fan and have some boards I chat on with Disney friends. I've met friends from all over the world, some even in person. One is from Australia, she...

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