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    The President Joe Biden Thread

    Fox News has already started their Republican agenda of criticizing Joe Biden policy. Their headline story in big bold letters as if this is the most important issue is that he will require mandate ma

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    Vaccine Rollout how is it really going?

    I am tired of the government not taking responsibility and accountability for the vaccine rollout and COVID-19 ( the pandemic). This what I do not understand about politicians and some people? One mom

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    Friday January 1, 2021

    I thought I ordered a calendar from Amazon...going to have to look into that. Im still old school and like to see on my wall in my office a calendar with upcoming events and appointments. Hope everyon

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    Questioning Trump and MAGA?

    Who is Donald J. Trump and why are so many people are drawn to him and his rhetoric? Who is a MAGA supporter? Why are MAGA supporters drawn to him and his every word and what are they planning next? W

    38 replies

    Sunday November 15th 2020

    Morning Was a fairly busy day yesterday. After birdwatching in the morning came home for a bit then went to dads Was there about 3 or 4 hours. Drove him to the bank to do some paperwork, then took him

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    Friday - December 25th, 2020 - Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas. . . and Good Morning! Its a windy early morning with LOTS of rain! Been up since around 3:30 AM this morning, putting the last of the presents for Amy underneath our Christmas Tree. I

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    Disinfecting the White House and the U.S. Naval Observatory

    As Nurses, we know the importance of disinfecting an area. Unfortunately, the White House and the U.S. Naval Observatory is a super spreader area of COVID 19. I question why no infection control speci

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    Wednesday - December23rd, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! Its peacefully quiet at this 4:05 AM hour, this morning. I hope all are getting good, restful sleep. Had a nice day, yesterday. Amy and I finished editing our 2nd Holiday Video, which wa

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    Wednesday - December 16, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! Its peacefully quiet this early morning. It feels like the calm before the storm. Theres a big snow storm thats supposed to be coming our way, with predictions anywhere between 2 to 12 i

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  2. Thursday - October 29th, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! Recently woke up. Current drinking First Coffee. . . Today is the 3rd night off from work. Starting tomorrow night, Im staring at four 12-hour shifts in a row. Not looking forward to tha

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    Monday January 11 2021

    Hello BC Herring Rose NJ22 Stars glad you got some sleep Dianah hope the festivals resume. So many events delayed due to Covid.. Regular Sunday, with online church and online coffee hour. Did the laun

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    Friday - November 13th, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! Today is Friday the 13th! Hows THAT for a date?!? Given how the year 2020 is going, it could be a title of the movie! (Wait! It already is! 😛 ) Humor. . . Its what helps me survive this

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    Friday February 19, 2021

    Good Morning! Joe, glad work and sleep are going well and that the weather might improve. Stars, glad you were able to restock. Gas prices have gone up here as well. Yes, the realities of nursing are

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    Friday January 29, 2021

    Good morning! I did 13 years of night shift and invested in a custom made to my window black out blind. It being Florida where 9 months of the year we dont use blankets at all, a weighted blanket isnt

    13 replies

    Sunday - November 22, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! Joe - Happy (Belated) Birthday! Seems like you had a nice day for yourself, yesterday, especially with the good news regarding your Dads office visit with the doctor. By the way, Im an A

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    Tuesday November 10 2020

    Morning Had a bad dream sometime early in the morning, odd for me. Thankfully fell right back to sleep Was a busy day at work, someone was off, but by the afternoon got everything done Was nice not to

    8 replies

    Friday October 30 2020

    Morning Work went well yesterday, no one answered the phone so it went quickly Talked with the case manager at rehab, she says dad will likely be discharged a week from Sunday as hes progressing rapid

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    Sunday December 27 2020

    Morning BC I tend to agree, things will be bad the next few weeks. Although here cases have been declining, though restrictions remain NJ22 it was a weird Christmas this year Rose glad that you will b

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    Monday November 9 2020

    Morning I apparently forgot to post yesterday Yesterday went well. I went birdwatching before going over to rehab with my sister to take dad home After getting to his place we set up all of the DME, h

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    Thursday November 19 2020

    Morning Better night of sleep for me Have tomorrow off, so today is my Friday Work continues to go well, to my surprise. Wouldve thought the shorter week would have meant working harder to get everyth

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