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Joe V

September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

Halloween is around the corner so let's have some fun. This caption contest is different from others. What I want you to do here is Finish the Toon. I set the environment ... I started the...

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Why are the victims always blame?

As healthcare professionals, we know the effects of blaming any victim of any sexual misconduct. However, as I watch Cuomo Prime Time one of the guests is Kelly- Anne Conway she is actually blaming...

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Debi Fischer

Fashion Therapy

Baby boomer RNs: fashion therapy for $250 an hour is here. Take an online course on what Melania wears and what Jackie Kennedy wore and why. As an RN can you put together your new look on your own?...

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Trying to get pregnant between UDC3 and 4

Hello! I am currently finishing up my pre-requisites to start nursing school and my boyfriend and I were discussing when we should start having children. I need the perspective of nurses who have...

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Learning How to Make My Own App

You have an iPhone and want to start adding apps, but you are clueless on what to do. Programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript seem absolutely foreign. However, before you become...

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Ms Petite 93

Am I Mean?

So, I know generally we don't use this forum for relationship advice...but since this is a forum with nurses ...I know you guys would understand more of where I'm coming from. I've been in a...

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Snow Day

Just popping on to say "Hello from the house!" snow day for me today!

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National Park Service proposing rule changes -- Comment period ends Monday

I can't believe I didn't hear about this before this evening -- "A Trump administration proposal to limit protests at the White House and the National Mall, including by potentially charging fees...

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Health Tips
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Rita Hale

Did anyone take black coffee for reducing fat?

Did anyone take black coffee for reducing fat?

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Sen. John McCain, Former Presidential Nominee/Prisoner Of War, Dies At 81

John McCain, U.S. Senator, Former Presidential Nominee, Prisoner Of War, Dies : NPR May he rest in peace ...

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What comes to mind when you hear Donald Trump ?

What do you think of when you hear Donald Trump . For me it's Racist, embarrassment, disgrace and shame. What about you ?

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The Caravan

"I think what we have seen is we've seen clearly an organization at a higher level than we've seen before. We've seen violence coming out of the caravan and we've seen as they've passed other...

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Do You Think Society Is Degenerating?

When I was growing up, People who had homosexual tendencies hid them, People rarely locked their doors because most things were rarely touched, people were rarely shot especially in public, It was...

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"When they go low, we kick them"

- Eric Holder is this really how we want to be perceived?

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NRA is at it again

You can't make this stuff up ... 'Cause, y'know, diversity is bad: NRA, Dana Loesch put 'Thomas & Friends' in KKK hoods over diversity push

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Not nursing.. sort of a breakdown pls help?!

I'm 28 and when I was 19 my sister dropped my nephew to my Mother. My mother then got married and her husband wasn't to happy to have kids so she dropped him to me and went missing for a few years....

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My boyfriend is being a jerk!!! Help!!!!

Please help!!! I've been in a relationship going on 4 years now and things haven't always been easy. We've had struggles with infidelity(not on my behalf) and communication. Before I started...

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McConnell the Man Who Broke America

As the years have gone by I've come to despise Mitch McConnell. The threat title is a title in the Washington Post of which I'm out of views, but I don't have to read it to already agree that in...

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Davey Do

Davey's Prized Collection

What does this cartoon mean? A man and a woman, each with a live chicken under their arm, facing each other, with the woman saying, "I don't know what to say, meeting you here like this". An...

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lottery pool

With the excitement around the mega millions, a couple of co workers and i thought about starting a lottery pool. We couldn't find any policies saying it's not allowed. We are going to write up an...

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