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    TV - the good, bad and ugly

    I thought to open a new post. In these times, I believe that many of us are all watching a bit more of TV. So I ask, is there any special TV show that youve become more interested in lately? Like a se

    77 replies

    The President Joe Biden Thread

    Fox News has already started their Republican agenda of criticizing Joe Biden policy. Their headline story in big bold letters as if this is the most important issue is that he will require mandate ma

    54 replies

    Saturday - September 19th, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! Recently got home from work, had a quick breakfast. Will be going to bed after Im done typing here. Work was Q last night, in sharp contrast to the previous night which was Not-Q. Im wor

    20 replies

    Saturday - October 3rd, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Dianah - It was sad to read about the fire! So much was lost! I hope your friends receive the support (especially from the insurance companies) so that they can recover and rebuild. 2020 . . . What a

    16 replies

    Wednesday September 23, 2020

    Morning Was a good day at work yesterday, not too busy but productive. Was wondering if Id hit productivity numbers with being off 2 Mondays but I should be OK After work did some embroidery and some

    21 replies

    Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! It is a peaceful 3:46 AM (EST) in this part of the world. Im wide awake! Again! (Was up earlier tonight, too.) Although I did go to bed early last evening, and fell asleep around 9:00 PM

    16 replies

    Thursday October 15 2020

    Morning Another sort of crazy day at work. Not quite as bad as yesterday, but more stuff to do before the end of the month. Going to make things tricky, will have to plan carefully and put off what ca

    14 replies

    Sunday November 15th 2020

    Morning Was a fairly busy day yesterday. After birdwatching in the morning came home for a bit then went to dads Was there about 3 or 4 hours. Drove him to the bank to do some paperwork, then took him

    17 replies

    Saturday October 24 2020

    Morning Work was fairly light yesterday, got out early with no problem Got the stuff from my dads and met my sister at the hospital. Dad seems to be doing well, speech is almost completely normal, and

    15 replies
  2. Friday - December 25th, 2020 - Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas. . . and Good Morning! Its a windy early morning with LOTS of rain! Been up since around 3:30 AM this morning, putting the last of the presents for Amy underneath our Christmas Tree. I

    10 replies

    Questioning Trump and MAGA?

    Who is Donald J. Trump and why are so many people are drawn to him and his rhetoric? Who is a MAGA supporter? Why are MAGA supporters drawn to him and his every word and what are they planning next? W

    33 replies

    Friday January 1, 2021

    I thought I ordered a calendar from Amazon...going to have to look into that. Im still old school and like to see on my wall in my office a calendar with upcoming events and appointments. Hope everyon

    16 replies

    Disinfecting the White House and the U.S. Naval Observatory

    As Nurses, we know the importance of disinfecting an area. Unfortunately, the White House and the U.S. Naval Observatory is a super spreader area of COVID 19. I question why no infection control speci

    11 replies

    Friday October 2 2020

    Tweety I wonder if it could just be that youre thorough and your quick to leave coworkers are not. When I worked in the hospital I saw other nurses cutting corners on how they did charting and report

    15 replies

    Wednesday - December23rd, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! Its peacefully quiet at this 4:05 AM hour, this morning. I hope all are getting good, restful sleep. Had a nice day, yesterday. Amy and I finished editing our 2nd Holiday Video, which wa

    13 replies

    Thursday September 24 2020

    Morning Another fairly good day at work, hoping this trend continues J was having allergy issues yesterday, so we decided to delay dinner until Friday Finally got a response from an email I sent to a

    7 replies

    Why is Trump and GOP rushing SCOTUS?

    One of Trumps hidden agenda just revealed itself in this tweet one of the reasons why he rushed to nominate judge Amy Coney Barrett. I feel as though this is an episode on Netflix House of Card, but i

    8 replies

    Debate twixt VP and VP Candidate

    What? No squawking about the Pence/Harris debate? I am surprised. But maybe their natter doesnt matter. Seems to me the fly won the evening.

    5 replies

    Saturday - September 26th, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! Its peacefully quiet here at 3:37 AM (EST) in this part of the world. . . . Been up for a few hours editing and sequencing (recording) original music to some drone video that I recorded

    9 replies

    Wednesday - December 16, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning! Its peacefully quiet this early morning. It feels like the calm before the storm. Theres a big snow storm thats supposed to be coming our way, with predictions anywhere between 2 to 12 i

    8 replies

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