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  1. Politics

    The Caravan

    I think what we have seen is weve seen clearly an organization at a higher level than weve seen before. Weve seen violence coming out of the caravan and weve seen as theyve passed other international

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    Media behaving badly

    This thread is long overdue. I won’t go too far in the past as I’m sure there’ll be plenty of material in the future. It looks like Nick Sandmann of the “Covington Kids” May be gearing up for a lawsui

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    Trying to get pregnant between UDC3 and 4

    Hello! I am currently finishing up my pre-requisites to start nursing school and my boyfriend and I were discussing when we should start having children. I need the perspective of nurses who have been

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    Presidential Election 2020

    I really hate that its this early and Im sure it wont get much talk until the time approaches, but lets get it started anyway. First turning backwards to the invention of the political meme 15 years a

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    Mental Health Checks

    After seeing so much news article and all the seemingly unhinged people out there espousing radical beliefs I really think we do have a mental health crisis in the Untied States. I have seen so many r

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    My boyfriend is being a jerk!!! Help!!!!

    Please help!!! Ive been in a relationship going on 4 years now and things havent always been easy. Weve had struggles with infidelity(not on my behalf) and communication. Before I started school I thr

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    Snow Day

    Just popping on to say Hello from the house! snow day for me today!

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    Government Shutdown

    Its been so long since weve been able to talk politics here. The government shutdown draaaaaags on. What are your thoughts on this? Ok-Ill go first. I think its Trump throwing a temper tantrum over no

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    AG Sessions Fired

    Jeff Sessions Resigns As Attorney General; Matthew Whitaker To Be Acting : NPR Jeff Sessions, the presidents earliest and most fervent supporter in Congress, stepped down as attorney general Wednesday

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  2. Relations

    My GF is a retaking her 2nd year.

    This isnt so much a question, just would like to get it off my chest. Im not a student nurse, my girlfriend is. Im a bar owner, and I love her very much, although she doesnt know... Weve been together

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    New York passes Full Term Abortion

    What are everyone’s opinions on the news of New York’s passing full term abortion legislation? Mine in one word: horrified.

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    Monday November 5 2018

    Morning Was a nice day yesterday, except for the weather which was cold and rainy Had church earlier than usual, and the potluck thereafter. People seemed to like my beans Then met J for brunch at one

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    Gel nails and nail polish

    I cant believe its been close to a year that I havent worn nail polish on my fingers. Unfortunately even gel nail polish is frowned upon. When first enrolling into the nursing program we were informed

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    How to choose a car?

    Friends, I really need your help. I want to buy a car. More precisely not only myself. For the whole family. Family car for comfortable trips. Tell me, please, what better car to take. Thank you very

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    Name the brand of turkey!!!!!

    There is an outbreak of a drug-resistant strain salmonella in raw turkey, but the Government is refusing to name the brand of turkey or farm. This is very dishearting this is one of the few days out t

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    Wednesday October 31, 2018

    Happy Halloween!!! Joe, hope you had a good night out and the restaurant was good. Nel, you sure had a lot to do! Did you get a ride in? BC, its always fun to be in a town with a victory parade. The o

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    A Lot Less Hand Holding Than I Thought

    This job is a lot less hand-holding than I thought. A lot less pillow-fluffing than I thought. More griping, More fatigue, More frustration than I thought. I want to be a great nurse to you and seven

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    Do you feel confident with retirement?

    Do you feel financially confident with retirement? What are your attitudes with spending? What income streams do you have in addition to social security income (which may be minimal in 30 years time)?

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    Thursday November 8, 2018

    Good Morning! Slept o.k. but got up 20 minutes early at 4:40 for some reason. I knew I wouldnt go back to sleep so just lied there a few minutes and then go up. NSIME, glad to hear you got that script

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    How Popular Were You When You Were In High School?

    I was picked on (its now called bullied) from 5th grade on, but I graduated anyway, and was the only one in all five of us siblings that did. It was a very proud day for me then.

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