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    Seriously flawed thinking.

    After talking in this forum, either my thought process is flawed regarding this subject, or their thought process is seriously flawed. Please tell me. What justice or right, does a individual have..su

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    The Congressional Thread

    I know were not supposed to restart closed threads, but how about an AOC/Green Deal/Socialist thread? The Latina Thing https://news.yahoo.com/ocasio-cortez-fires-back-at-fox-news-over-latina-thing-seg

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    As a first generation American..

    I think its weird that people yelling anti-fascism and racism are going around banning public speakers from speaking at their schools. If you dont agree with the message, why silence the message? I se

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    American Values

    I wish to thank KonichiwaRN for the idea for this thread What do you think of as American values? Before we were the United States the Declaration of Independence put in writing these words: Quote We

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    Part 2 of the Democratic Debate 2019

    As I prepare to watch the Democratic Debate 2019 on Thursday, June 27, 2019, at 9:00 p.m what topics do you want to see covered over the course of this debate? For me, immigration, healthcare, educati

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    We the people?

    On Friday, March 22nd, 2019 Special Council Muller turned in his final report on the Trump-Russia investigation. On Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 Attorney General William Barr read the memo and summariz

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    Domestic Terrorism

    Here is a thought-provoking opinion piece by a former DHS official. White supremacist terror is rising, and Trumps policies kneecap our ability to fight back I am neither for or against Biden, but I t

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    Spying on the Trump Campaign

    Not a surprise to those who’ve been connecting the dots for the last 1/2 years. The Times appears to be trying to save their reputation, and whoever is leaking this info to them is trying to get out a

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    Kirstjen Nielsen Leaving Position as Homeland Security Secretary

    Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned on Sunday after mounting frustration by President Donald Trump over his administrations failure to stop the flow of migrants into the country. Tru

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    Regarding this trade war against China.

    What do you guys think will happen? I believe Obama said it correctly..when he said some of those jobs arent coming back. Of course prices will rise across all fields (common household goods to yes..e

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    I guess this is another fake deal by Trump?

    Just saw this on the news. Gileads big gift to Trumps HIV strategy I think its a nice thing? A evil capitalistic company deciding to donate that much instead of people passing legislature saying that

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    Tuesday April 9, 2019

    Made it to Tokyo without issue. Resting before meeting the tour manager and group. Its Its already 7pm here. Tomorrow the tour starts. 90% chance of rain and cold with highs in 50s. Will have to deal.

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    The Violence in our Schools

    It seems now that there is a daily killing or shooting in our schools lately. Yesterday it was at a University in South Carolina on the last day of school. It was by a student who killed two others. O

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    Progressive Income Taxation.

    Couldnt agree more. Good for Harry, he (and like minded people) are moving from places like California, Massachusetts, and New York.

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    Questioning Senator Kamala Harris history.

    Why is there is no real discussion nor is anyone asking Senator Kamala Harris about her history as a prosecutor and Attorney General? The media has portrayed her as a progressive candidate. Her policy

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    TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel

    TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel

    Ok just came back from a few days at a convention and now I realize the American public needs a little tongue in cheek wisdom....

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    Thursday May 30 2019

    Morning Spent most of yesterday in the office training my replacement. Then had dinner with J at one of our usual places Today Im up early for my early morning meeting, the last Ill ever attend. Hopin

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    Friday March 22 2019

    Morning TGIF Fairly normal day at work yesterday. Hopefully today will be the same. Exercised and did grocery shopping yesterday Talked to J, he needs another root canal, not happy about that but at l

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    why is no one talking about the dangers of herd mentality?

    Im really at a freakin loss!!! Why are there no articles on the dangers of herd mentality in healthcare?? Everyday, in every hospital, nurses and other professionals are missing vital info and abandon

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