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  1. Friday - July 9th, 2021 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning - Its raining outside! Again! Wish some of this rain would make its way to the areas of the country experiencing drought conditions!! Therere flood warnings for nearby low-lying areas. We

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    Saturday - July 31st, 2021 - Good Morning

    Good (Early) Morning - Its 3:00 AM (EST) in this part of the world. Im at work, doing the Shift Director thing. Currently, its Q after a somewhat busy couple of hours in the ER. The last patient in th

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    Sunday - August 22nd, 2021 - Good Morning!

    Good Morning - First. . . BCgradnurse - Im embarrassed to admit that I dont remember the exact day, but Best Wishes to you and yours on your wedding. I know that this hurricane is forcing you to make

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    Tuesday July 13, 2021

    Good morning! J22, right now at 6:22 AM its 77 degrees with 88% humidity here. You sweat walking out to check the mail. I have a four hour computer training today. Forgot to set my alarm and woke up 4

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    RIP Stuart Damon, actor, General Hospital

    Actor Stuart Damon, 83, died yesterday of renal disease per family. I believe most will remember him as Dr Alan Quartermain on General Hospital during the good ole days. He did multiple other roles, b

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    Friday July 30, 2021

    Good morning! Stars, glad that your husband was able to come home. Hope he continues to improve. Our unvaccinated secretary who was anti-vaccine that was recently hired that said shed only work at thi

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    Monday July 26 2021

    Stars will be hot and humid for the next few days here too NJ22 glad smoke isnt an issue there BC sounds like a nice day Hi Amo Fairly quiet day yesterday. Church and coffee hour tomorrow. Exercised a

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    Monday July 19, 2021

    Good morning. Ted, when management said August would be handled just like July, I hope you said Oh hell to the no its not. BC, did you just turn 60???? Say it isnt so. Happy Birthday belated. I got th

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    Tuesday August 24 2021

    Tweety glad youre back online BC thats cool that you got to be on TV Hi Amo Feeling better now, finally have an online interview with that insurance company on Thursday. Also, heard back from the insu

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  2. Wednesday June 30, 2021

    Good morning! J22, safe travels and enjoy! Dianah, mom used to say I need a vacation from my vacation. Stars, hope you team won. Its nice that Nannie has an early bedtime. Its funny how cold natured t

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    Thursday September 16, 2021

    Good morning. I had my set my alarm to get myself up early to get the dogs and slept well. Went to bed past midnight. Ate dinner after 10pm which my body thought was 7pm. Will probably take a nap and

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    Thursday July 1, 2021

    Good Morning! Working today and tomorrow. Had a nice day off with some relaxation and did my meal prep for the coming days. Hope everyone has a good day.

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    Monday July 5, 2021

    Good Morning! Ted, I trust you had a good 4th with family and hope you got some rest before work. Joe, hope you had a good day as well and that soul searching results in more peace of mind. BC, Happy

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    Tuesday June 22, 2021

    Good morning! Joe, sounds like you had a good day. Glad you were able to get together with your father on Fathers Day. BC, a beach day with great weather is a Diamond Day. You would be one of those th

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    Saturday August 7, 2021

    Good morning! Ted, sorry youre feeling so exhausted. Hope that gets better for you and that you get to take your trip. My boss is supposed to go to France next month and so far its a go for her as wel

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    Friday September 24, 2021

    Good morning! Joe, Im sure now that youre aware youll get the weight off. Amo, hope the oxygen issues resolve. Stars, I was just talking about a regular Urgent Care Center, not one affiliated with you

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    Sunday July 18, 2021

    Good morning! Dianah, happy belated birthday to your son. Thats quite an entrance into the world from such a petite mother. J22, did you go truck shopping? Some friends recently got a small trailer to

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    Friday August 27, 2021

    Good morning. Work was really busy with 8 admits. They all stayed. Today will be a mass exodus. Im tired from a bit of insomnia. Working today then off four days. Looking forward to some rest. Have a

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    Saturday August 28 2021

    Stars have never heard of a cow killer ant Ted glad to hear you and Amy enjoyed the show Dianah I have been impressed by the workers comp company. Hoping we get that 2nd interview set up soon Nj22 tha

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    Tuesday July 20, 2021

    Good morning! BC, hope you had a nice birthday. Welcome to the Over 60 Club. Work was okay. I took three post op patients and one ER admit which kept me busy but got off at a decent-for-me 45 minutes

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