What is in Your water?

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    "Unknown to most Americans, a surprising number of U.S. cities have drinking water with unhealthy levels of chemicals and contaminants. In fact, some organizations and state environmental agencies that collect and analyze water data say the level of chemicals in some Americans' drinking water not only exceeds recommended health guideline but the pollutants even exceed the limits set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the national legal authority in these matters."

    I worry about the quality of our drinking water. I am concerned that we are not paying enough attention to the chemicals that are injected into and dumped into our land, which ends up in our water.
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    I agree. One concern I have is fracking. The use of so much water that becomes unable to be used again is frightening. The push to do fracking by the oil industry and the legislation they have tried to push forward tells me that they do not care. They are poor stewards of our most precious resource. At the same time we see them trying to circumvent human protections like having doctors know what they are treating we also see Those who would do away with the EPA.

    I am not a great lover of so many government regulations. Unfortunately most regulations come into being by things like common sense and decency being ignored. The worse the offense noted the more regulations created. Certainly the nursing home industry is proof of that. Each regulation is in response to a seen issue. So too we see in other industries and the regulations created. So far the oil industry has been able to slow down the EPA in regulating that industry. Fracking has left behind many cases of forever polluted water. Much money has had to be spent to have doctors have access to the kinds of chemical poisoning they have seen in fracked areas. The fact that the industry could get a law passed denying doctors necessary info to provide care seemed crazy. Everyone has to learn about Haz-Mat. Every chemical must tell certain info. Why was this information denied to the people who needed to treat for this type of Haz-Mat contact?

    So we need the EPA more than ever because industry either cannot or will not police itself. Dirty water and dirty air, the two absolutes we need to survive and to have the foods we need safe to eat. We cannot afford less regulation and enforcement. The oil industry is an example as well as many other polluting industries, like the nursing home industry of old, have shown they need outside regulation. People in nursing homes are treated better now, with the regulations. I hope it is not too late for the water and air.

    Meet ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson. He provides significant funding to climate change denial organizations, is in charge of a corporation that considers oil exploration, extraction, and refining more important than your life. For his work, he received a raise in 2013 to $2.72 million along with a $4.59 million bonus.
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    Thanks for the post AKY. I didn't know they got the law passed so doctors couldn't find out any info on the water. This is when I am skeptical of anything lawmakers pass for "public safety" It's clear that they are not worried about public safety or health in any shape or form.

    Here in Colorado Gov Hickenlooper is supporting any oil company that wants to sue individual towns for fracking bans. Many towns are trying to ban fracking or have already legislated bans because they know how it poisons the water supply.
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    We do know that they frack with diesel products...that can't be good...it's the things that we are not allowed to know that are of concern.
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    An academic study has found a powerful correlation between stillbirth, miscarriage, low sperm count, and exposure to fracking chemicals.

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