Washington 5th graders accused of plotting to kill female classmate, others

  1. 1 Washington 5th graders accused of plotting to kill female classmate, others students

    Court documents released Wednesday give disturbing details about how and why two northeast Washington fifth-grade boys planned to kill a female classmate along with other students, reports CBS affiliate KREM.

    The young suspects, 10 and 11, were arrested at Fort Colville Elementary School on Feb. 7 after a fourth grader apparently saw one of them playing with a knife on the bus and told a school employee.

    The employee, Richard Payette, searched the fifth-graders' bags found a 3.25 inch knife, an ammunition clip and a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol in the 10-year-old's bag. School employees notified the Colville Police Department. ...

    ... Court documents state the 11-year-old said he and the 10-year-old were planning to kill the girl "because she was really annoying," KREM reports. The 10-year-old said he had been in a "short dating relationship" with the girl.

    According to KREM, the 11-year-old also told a teacher the names of more students they were going to target. ...

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    how on earth do children learn to hate like this?
    it totally boggles my mind.
    i do wonder if these kids are products of their environment?

    i cannot think of anything more tragic than a tainted and broken child.

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