South African Woman Attacked By Rhino While Posing With Husband For A Picture

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    Husband Talks about Rhino Attack

    I saw this today on the Weather Channel of all places. Good grief! This is so bizarre.

    When do you not listen to the African wildlife expert? When he tells you to stand closer to the rhino.

    A couple visiting a nature reserve in South Africa, were encouraged by the game park owner to pose for a picture in front of several wild rhinos.

    As soon as he [park owner] took the picture, he took a step back, and you could see the fear in his eyes. When the husband turned around the rhino was right behind him. The next thing he knew his wife was flung in the air.

    Here is another link which gives more details about the attack.

    Attack by Rhino Spoils Honeymoon.
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    Sounds like it was a hotel employee who ignored all common sense when it comes to wild animals, and encouraged his clients to do the same. Yikes.

    Common Sense: Never leave home without it.
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    the alaska version...

    Oh look there is a grizzly and her cubs, go stand closer and I will get a good picture...
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    I guess we'd batter ban wild animals in the interest of safety.
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    Quote from Jolie
    I guess we'd batter ban wild animals in the interest of safety.

    I think we better ban African wildlife experts and tourists with no common sense.
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    a tourist in Alaska recently photographed/filmed the grizzley that was charging and ultimately mauled him to death...

    I imagine his family was treated to some pretty spectacular images on his camera...

    people are stupid...
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    Quote from Jolie
    I guess we'd batter ban wild animals in the interest of safety.
    Actually I prefer the wild animals to many people. If they cannot live in harmony with the animals whose fault is it?
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    Jan 10 by herring_RN Sarcasm - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    Herring explained this well in another thread.
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    I believe that AK was being sarcastic as well...
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    Quote from tewdles
    people are stupid...
    And tasty. Just ask mama grizzly!
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