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Sheriff: Spontaneous Human Combustion May Have Killed Man

  1. 1 Sheriff Ron Lockhart said his office is investigating whether a Sequoyah County, Okla., man died after spontaneously bursting into flames. ...

    ... Family members said they noticed the back window of the man's pickup truck was busted out.

    The body of the man was sent to the medical examiner's office in Tulsa, Lockhart said. Authorities are still investigating the incident. Lockhart said the victim was an alcoholic and an avid smoker.

    5NEWS conducted a recorded five-minute interview with Lockhart in which the sheriff explains why he believes spontaneous human combustion might have been a factor in the death. Asked whether the victim could have accidentally killed himself by another cause, such as dropping a cigarette onto himself, Lockhart said the body was burned in such a way as to make it inconsistent with such accidents.
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    and science still cannot confirm the authenticity of spontaneous human combustion.
    what a horrid way to die.
    i don't understand why the sherriff is being so speculative - it is not his specialty.
    i'd be curious to hear the me's finding.

    rip, sir.

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    I would more likey suspect spilled alcohol and a dropped cigarette than spontaneous combustion. Think cherries jubilee or any other cooking that flames brandy.

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    My first thought when I read this was...what?
    I seems pretty straight forward what happened...
    I was taught, years ago by an old ER doc...when you hear hoof beats look for horses first, they are more common that unicorns.
    This sounds like a unicorn to me...
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    I'm not sure I even believe in spontaneous human combustion. It's kind of like Sasquatch....its existence is shadowy, elusive, and all but impossible to prove (or DISprove).