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I just felt the need to acknowledge the passing of one of our own. I feel tremendous sadness that Jacintha ,the Royals nurse felt the need to take her own life. It is worth pausing perhaps to consider how she felt. Easy... Read More

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    I am sure that there were other contributing factors leading to her death. However, she was ridiculed terribly by the media and it is likely what put her over the edge. From what i have read the call was put through the hospital and after confirming the identity of the caller, it was transferred to the floor to this nurse. I am not sure if she tried to reconfirm identity or not, or if they do that in the hospital she worked in, but there were multiple mistakes and it is very sad that this poor girl decided to end her life because of it.
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    Unfortunately, what they did on the air does not amount to a crime in Australia, so they could not be arrested or criminally prosecuted. But yes, it is sad that despite their ban from the airwaves and the internet, after this all dies down they will get back to their normal lives. I am pretty sure this prank was not the sole cause of her suicide, she clearly had personal issues for which this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

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