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I just felt the need to acknowledge the passing of one of our own. I feel tremendous sadness that Jacintha ,the Royals nurse felt the need to take her own life. It is worth pausing perhaps to consider how she felt. Easy... Read More

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    Quote from KatieP86
    I'm not sure which hospital(s) you have work at but in our trust, the person who had transferred the call would have been fine. It was not her responsibility to vet the caller, that falls on the nurse who gave out the information. If it was the switchboard operator, would he or she have gotten the blame? Also, as you probably know, the hospital admin can not deport anybody and I don't see why they would threaten it. If they are using that as a threat, then that is disgusting.

    It's just sad all around. Does anybody remember a radio prank that was played a few years back where somebodies husband called his wife and "confessed" to cheating for money? Backfired when the wife told him she didn't feel guilty about sleeping with his brother now....
    Thank you. Have said pretty much the same thing in another post.

    While one can understand why the nurse/telephone operator would have felt horrible, it was the chatty private duty nurse to the dss of C that actually caused the most damage IMHO. Had the latter simply hung up, not answered the phone or whatever there really wouldn't have been much of a story would there?
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    I have felt so bad for this nurse and her family and coworkers and also for Kate and William since I heard about this. Yes, it was unfortunate and unnacceptable that a privacy violation occurred, but it takes a sick person without any morals to even attempt to get someone's personal health information for the sake of public titillation and ratings. This needs to be discouraged strongly. People have got to be forced to understand that people who are famous have rights to privacy, which I believe these DJs and the paparazzi have violated. It's just a code of decency. There needs to be a Celebrities Bill of Rights, or something, it has gotten outrageous. I also have a sneaking suspicion that her hospital really was coming down pretty hard on her and that this contributed greatly to her stress. I don't know how nurses are judged in Englad but nursing boards here in the US are known to put people through hell hold them to a very high standard.
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    Hey DoGood,
    I heard this interview on the BBC this a.m. (our local NPR plays 2 hours of Newshour from the BBC every weekday). While I am sure these 2 people are devastated, what bothered me about their comments was when Mel Grieg was saying "You know it was designed to be stupid. We were never meant to get that far from the little corgies barking in the background – we obviously wanted it to be a joke.'
    It feels like there is an element of "how stupid could someone be to believe us?" And a really unpleasant sense that they feel like all the world is supposed to be so media savvy. They wouldn't have a clue what to do if they were suddenly dropped into a nurse's shoes in the hospital, why should they expect a nurse to catch on to their little prank?

    I've been heartsick for this nurse's family. I know every mistake I've ever made as a nurse, even though no harm may have come to the Pt, I have taken seriously and experienced some real anguish and lost sleep.....I can absolutely imagine a nurse in a fragile state or whose identity is caught up in their profession and professional pride, being plunged into real despair because of this.

    The general population just doesn't understand the responsibility and pressure that weighs on nurses. How any writer or producer could think this was funny is beyond me. I bet they were rubbing their hands in glee while they waited to play the segment...
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    This is so unforgiveable. It just shows where the moral and ethical fiber of this world has gone. There are some things that are just unforgiveable and this is one of those things. It seems there is very little thought or common sense excercised now a days. it just live for the moment and never consider what the repercussions will be or what impact it will have on some one else.

    We like to boast that with all this technology we live a "global" community. But how many really understand what that means. The consideration for other cultures and their view of actions or insidents. There is just a total departure from true understanding of what today's world is really about and even less accountability and responsibilty for those who do stupid things. Technology in this global community has created a dehumanized culture of it's citizens. It seems there is competion to be more hardened and more cruel than the person before.

    The hospital administration is being very hush hush and low profile. I feel they had a bigger role to play in this nurses death than they will ever let on. Hospital administrations here in the uS want every one hung out to dry and crucified. They too never think about what consequences their actions will have on their employees. I don't think it is that different in the UK.

    Calling for some one's, any one's, personal health information is alway an excercise in poor judgement especially ina day and age where we are all so keenly aware of the privacy laws. How many times has Prince William condemed the press for what happened to his mother and publically blamed them for her death. Is nothing of what he is saying sinking in? What does it take for people to finally get the message? Not just for the royal family, that could have been anyone's family. So instead of actingin a responsible fashion and thinking before we act, we now have 2 kids without their mother. Just like Prince William and Prince Harry experienced at about the same ages as this nurse's children.
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    I always say that you never know someone burdens and the effect your words/actions may have on them....maybe the hospital wasn't as understanding as they were pubically....and she lost her job/reputation.

    The last prayers for her and her family to find some peace.
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    Quote from kcmylorn

    The hospital administration is being very hush hush and low profile. I feel they had a bigger role to play in this nurses death than they will ever let on. Hospital administrations here in the uS want every one hung out to dry and crucified. They too never think about what consequences their actions will have on their employees. I don't think it is that different in the UK.
    Totally agree with you there, I'm sure they were ready to throw the nurses under the bus. The other one, who gave out info, would have been (and probably is) in bigger trouble than this unfortunate woman, but make no mistake, both their careers would now have (had) a blemish on them which can be very difficult to live with if you take you reputation as a nurse seriously. And the victim, being a foreigner, may have feared losing her livelihood and possible deportation (it can be very difficult to find another job with a termination on your record). Obviously, she was not 100% mentally healthy, but who is?

    Just sad.
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    Thanks everyone for your comments and input. May she rest peacefully.
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    i guess I have a different take on this. I think she must have had much more than this going on to cause her suicide. And I am very sorry, but i think it is horribly indulgent no matter how difficult things are to abandon your children this way.

    My little bro died this year from an accident that was caused in part by his own lack of self control. He left behind 3 wonderful kids who are going through he__ __ trying to adjust to life without their father.

    I feel badly for her in some ways, but i think as a parent you have a responsibility to get yourself some help and not cause such devastation for your children that you chose to bring into this world.
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