Proposal would allow state religion in North Carolina

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    yes, i'm stunned.
    i...i don't know what to say...
    except i want to cry, for so many reasons.

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    I'm with you, Leslie. What can be said?
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    So let's see where this goes...should be interesting as more states determine that they will try this.
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    I will play TFT here for just moment and remind readers that some states are trying to dismantle other Constitutiuonal rights in other ways. Why be so bothered by this proposal and not the others?
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    Just read about this ... kinda puts the whole leftie theory of Dominionism in a whole new light.

    ETA: it has always seemed to me to be a pretty flimsy and morally bankrupt system of values/morals that depends on civil law to uphold itself.

    I agree with Vine Deloria: when a religious group co-opts the civil government to perpetuate itself, it forfeits any moral authority it might otherwise have.
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    If they have a state religion does that make them a church? Will that exempt all NC citizens from paying fed taxes?
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    Quote from tewdles
    So let's see where this goes...should be interesting as more states determine that they will try this.
    maybe some states will propose Mormonism...
    maybe a state or two will propose Islam?

    seriously, in light of its sheer lunacy, i'm beginning to wonder if some folks have gone totally nuts.
    that they have lost all objectivity and rational thought.

    it should be interesting to see how far this goes.

    well, there goes my "i *heart* north carolina bumper sticker.

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    Quote from herring_RN
    my eyes are failing me herrng...and i cannot read that sign.

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    Very frightening. Guess I won't be moving there anytime soon.

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