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Paralyzed Cat Gets New Set of Wheels

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    The Denver Post reports that the 9-month-old kitten, who currently resides at Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital in Colorado, was brought in a few months ago after suffering a spinal injury that left her hind legs partially paralyzed. The hospital, which sponsors the Conifer High School robotics club, asked the students if they would be able to construct a pair of wheels to help give the kitten a lift, and after a series of prototypes, the group was able to engineer a harnessed cart, that Flipper wears for two hours a day.
    What a great way for some teens to put their talents and ingenuity to a good use.

    Paralyzed Cat Gets New Set of Wheels
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    Awwwwwwww........what a wonderful use of technology. Thanks, tn, that made my day!
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    thats awesome .so glad they did not put kitty to sleep
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    Thank you for sharing!