Marley Lion Vs Trayvon Martin: Erroneous Social Media hype

  1. Marley Lion Vs Trayvon Martin: Erroneous Social Media hype - Image ID: 12747
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    Ok so the forces that be in social media posted a picture of a white kid Marley Lion next to Trayvon in the effort of trying to say both cases are similar and that Marley did not get the popular outlook as Trayvon. I don't even know how Marley Lion folks feel about there son's picture being paraded around in social media for a cause they did not start.

    I don't know why whoever is make the comparisons is trying to make this a black versus white issue because Its pretty clear to us african americans that Zimmerman is NOT white. This is and never was a black versus white issue , its a justice issue.
    In fact both blacks and whites are in the Florida governments office protested the stand your ground law here in Florida.

    The reason why Marley Lion did not get all the long standing hype in the media is because, his suspects was quickly caught and arrested. Yep four black men. Hey call it racists if you want, and it probably was...and I'd love to see those guys get justice like any other criminal.Put them in death row and let them rot in jail for all I care. They murdered a kid for no reason and they deserve it. There is video in this case and the case is still pending but the 4 men are in jail as far as I know.

    The reason why Trayvon case was upsetting is that NO ARRESTS WERE MADE, at least not initially. I think everyone is forgetting that. Trayvon was being followed. Zimmerman was trigger happy, why else would he walk with he gun in hand...listen to the dispatch tape again "They always get away" he said...this time Zimmerman made up his mind that no suspect of Zimmerman was going to get away. Zimmerman also was a frequent caller to 911. This guy has clear mental issues And for those questioning whether Trayvon was a child or not listen to the dispatch tape again Zimmerman clearly identified that Trayvon was a teen. Yeah Trayzon had something in his hand, his cell phone. Records showed he was on his cell 2 minutes before he died. There is so much that people are just forgetting.

    Anyways, both these cases were totally different. Both Trayvon Martin and Marley Lion deserve justice, I don't care what color they are.
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    Quote from man-nurse2b
    This is and never was a black versus white issue , its a justice issue.
    George Zimmerman: Not Guilty... - YouTube
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    Blah blah blah...I think Bob been drinking too much definitely a case of ADHD. And Bob needs to check has stats on Chicago...firstly not all murders in Chicago are blacks, secondly the totals of all murders from all 2012 to now in Chicago are under 700. So he could yap yap all he wants by giving false numbers and stating cases most of which are gang and drug related and has nothing to do with the facts SUNFLOWER. No instead drinkingBob wants to get us all in Chicago. Is that really the solution?
    Only in Florida a murderer named Zimmerman could kill a black kid and could go free and a crazy lady name Casey could kill her kid and go free...Everything is totally fine with the American Justice System.
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    I think you missed the point... "If we are so concerned about the justice of one, why are we not concerned with the justice for all?" Why is this case so important? I'm not pulling the race card. I'm just noticing that this case has gotten much more publicity than most, for like you said, because of justice. But why are we only concerned about the justice of this one individual? Why do we even care? No one that cares about Martin and Zimmerman cares as much for the hundreds others killed. If people were so concerned about justice, the same publicity would be spread about the others killed. But people are not. The others killed do not get the same publicity or "justice".

    So because we really do not care about justice in this case, why are we still talking about it?
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    Quote from SUNFL0WER
    No one that cares about Martin and Zimmerman cares as much for the hundreds others killed. If people were so concerned about justice, the same publicity would be spread about the others killed. But people are not. The others killed do not get the same publicity or "justice".

    So because we really do not care about justice in this case, why are we still talking about it?
    I cannot agree with your statements. Many people care and are concerned about justice. Rather than give publicity to each murder equal to that of the murder of Martin we need to publicize other factors. Private jails are huge money makers and are very successful. They are filled with non-violent people serving long sentences for drug possession, etc. Now second DUIs are placed in jail for two months. Subsequent DUIs serve longer times progressively. We have the highest rate of incarceration in the world, I believe. People with history of jail have difficult times getting jobs. There is a continued cycle of poverty and dependency created by our zeal in incarceration. Poverty means poor housing conditions, few choices in life. It is a continuous spiral downward.

    When we publicize each murder we give more power to police to violate peoples rights in order to decrease murder rates. In our community that has not worked. People have their rights trampled by police who are pressured to change something so that there are fewer murders. Few want to change the underlying dynamics that contribute to this. Private prisons are one of the biggest factors. The "war on drugs" continues to feed these private prisons and make their owners rich and break the budgets of the states, and contribute to the federal budget problems.

    Nothing is as simple of publicize it and it will go away. If it were many of our social problems would already be gone instead of getting worse.
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    In my city most killers and those suspected of killing are arrested and put on trial.
    A big problem is often getting people to agree to testify when organized gangs are involved because witnesses and their families all too often become the next victims.

    Still the rate of killing has been dropping every year: Crime rate in Los Angeles falls for 10th straight year, making it the safest big city in America, but cell phone thefts are way up - NY Daily News

    Until2002 we had police chiefs whose attitude was that the police were always right.Even when they shot to death a woman who had not paid her gas bill and amentally ill 89 pound homeless woman because she didn't answer when asked,"Do you have a receipt for that shopping cart."

    Since we had changes in the department police are not shooting first. Fewer people are killing.

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    It wasn't a black vs. white issue? LOL!!!

    What channel have you been watching Moscow 12 or Mogadishu 6? Those are probably the only channels that have not had activists saying Zimmerman would have been found guilty if he was black and Martin was white.
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    Technically......It's not a black and white issue.....Zimmerman isn't white.

    I think the prosecution over shot the crime and tried to convict him on a crime he didn't commit. Not all killings are murder. Same with Casey Anthony....that's a whole different ballgame......however they tried to prove murder and didn't have the convicting evidence.......proving beyond reasonable doubt premeditation.

    While I think the verdict let him go free and he should have some severe consequences for his actions....he chose to draw that gun and fire it.......I think it was the verdict that could be reached with the evidence. It is easy to sit in judgement of the jurors but we have evidence that they didn't or couldn't consider and personal opinion can't count.

    I worked in Chicago and in Gary Indiana and I will tell you that while is is not ALL black on black overwhelming majority (estimates are as high as 85%) of it is...these kids killing each other over senseless reasons and turf wars. I worked the South side and had to wear a bullet proof vest to go near Cabrini Green...some areas they had to bring the injured/shot out to us as we could not enter these buildings without harm. I hear they wear them pretty much 24/7 these days.

    Yet today.......Chicago isn't amongst the top ten of the deadliest cities...although it was when I worked there.

    Even though Martin was identified as a teen...I will tell you it was a 16 (teen) year old who came into the ED to finish the job on the rival that was shot on the streets at point blank range for a turf violation.....I was in the room and I had trouble hearing for six months.

    Violence begets violence...I don't know the solution but it is clear something needs to be done.
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    Quote from Esme12

    Violence begets violence...I don't know the solution but it is clear something needs to be done.
    This is why non violence must be the way to make positive change.

    With few exceptions the example set by Trayvon's parents has kept the many hundreds of protests peaceful.
    I know adults who decided to attend protests with their teens after a bunch of them acted like stampeding animals last Monday evening.
    Trayvon Martin rallies focus on race problems and self-defense laws

    Across the nation, demonstrators call for federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman and the repeal of stand-your-ground laws.

    From Miami to New York, from Los Angeles to Oakland, thousands of people attended rallies Saturday to honor Trayvon Martinn and to protest racism and laws they say let the man who killed the teenager go free, a verdict that has proved as contentious as the shooting itself. The gatherings had a common theme: to demand repeal of so-called stand-your-ground laws that permit use of deadly force in the face of perceived threats, even if retreating is an option; and to demand that the Department of Justice file federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, who said he shot Martin in self-defense.
    But they also provided a cathartic moment for demonstrators of different races, ages and genders, who shared their views of racism in America as they crammed together, often in searing heat, at rallies organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network. ...,5923598.story
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    Institutional bigotry and racism is alive and well in the south.
    It doesn't matter that Zimmerman is not matters that Treyvon was black.
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