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    Democratic Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee, wants the military to give Rush Limbaugh the boot. Levin says that Armed Forces radio, known as the Armed Forces Network (AFN) is no place for Rush Limbaugh’s brand of commentary. Limbaugh, who has lost several dozen advertisers, is struggling to stay afloat one week after his misogynistic attacks on Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown College student whom Limbaugh attacked 53 times last week alone for her comments regarding contraception.
    Will Limbaugh Get Kicked Off Military Radio? Top Senator Wants Rush Booted | The New Civil Rights Movement

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    View From The Right: How Democrats Are Using Women As Pawns
    The most heated political rhetoric of late is not taking place on the campaign trail, but rather is being debated in the media and on social media networks in the wake of the testimony of Sandra Fluke in front of an unofficial Congressional hearing. The hearing was in response to the recent Obama/Health and Human Services mandate that religious institutions provide or subsidize contraception despite their religious and moral objections.
    Nancy Pelosi organized the hearing to distract from the real issue at hand: religious liberty and the Obama administration’s blatant trampling of it.
    Knowing that women voters are leaving Obama, the left has deliberately waged a war designed to scare them into thinking their birth control will be taken from them.
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    PICKET: Tactics used against Limbaugh and others described in Media Matters strategy docs
    The coordinated attacks to pressure advertisers (and now radio stations) to drop Rush Limbaugh is something everyone should be concerned about, as it is no coincidence that the Georgetown University Law Center student Sandra Fluke, the 30 year old woman at the center of the storm (background here), told viewers of ABC’s “The View” to go to the Media Matters website “for examples of commentators who attacked her.”
    How convenient. This is the same Media Matters that drew up a plan, known as Project 2012, a document that outlines the organization's long term strategy to politically combat conservative messaging in the media. This is also the same Media Matters, whose president, David Brock, met with former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn on a regular basis. Finally, this is the same Sandra Fluke who received a sympathetic phone call from the White House after Mr. Limbaugh made critical but offensive remarks on the radio about Fluke.
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    Is there a list of the advertisers who are dropping themselves off Limbaugh's list? I would like to boycott THEM. He stepped over the line, he apologized, he's done nothing that others haven't done more of and worse than. He, just like the others, have First Amendment, rights. Whether you agree with him or not, whether he was inappropriate or not. Personally, I think she was well-groomed and probably knew all along that this was the goal. So she's a successs, for now.
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    Lists are constantly being updated as advertisers desert him. Google it. I won't give you the info as I think they are right to put their money into advertising that is good for them. They knew being connected with Rush was bad for business. You certainly can find the info if you choose.

    My main reason for not just accepting the apology is that it sounded too much like the rapist who claims it was the victim's fault. It Rush's case it was liberals fault that he could not control what came out of his mouth. I believe what we say in church "Out of the mouth the heart speaks". He has shown his heart. I would not respect the Girl Scouts if they supported a heart that hates women so much as to call such names and suggest creating movies for his pleasure.

    We need to raise young ladies who respect their bodies. One of the ways is to know your body. His teachings about the female body and use of contraceptives is so wrong as to confuse many.

    Feel free tp look up those advertisers you wish to boycott because they refuse to be near such abuse of women.
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    a new offer to advertise on the show - ashley madison - have an affair | married dating cheating partners infidelity

    i think he turned them down.
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    [QUOTE=aknottedyarn;6233568We need to raise young ladies who respect their bodies. One of the ways is to know your body. His teachings about the female body and use of contraceptives is so wrong as to confuse many.[/QUOTE]

    I couldn't agree more that we need to raise young ladies who respect their bodies, which is why it is imperative that we NOT allow the government to interfere with the teachings of religions regarding respect for the human body, sexuality and reproduction.

    I'm confused as to your comment that Rush is teaching and confusing women about their bodies. I listen to Rush and can't recall any tutoring sessions on the topic. Can you link, please?
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    In my opinion, Ms Fluke gave only anecdotal information about her "friends" in her speech. No proof of anything. People here don't accept that when we post, so why should we accept it in that forum?

    And I didn't really ask anybody to provide the list, only asked if there is one. I am sure I can find it.

    Ms. Fluke was purposefully put where she was. She was advised and groomed and did her part well. It's much ado about nothing. Yes, Rush used inappropriate words. But really, that's what they wanted him to do. He fell into it. He's done the mea culpa, unlike many others. If it really was such a big deal, many others would be in trouble long before this, including some females "comediennes."

    I'm all for women respecting their bodies, but fail to see where anything Ms. Fluke said indicates that she does or doesn't.
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    Democrats are taking political advantage of the Rush fallout for sure, but that they deliberately "using women as spawns" is a spin, no it's a shear fantasy, that I'm disappointed that anyone in this forum would believe.

    People always go after votes. That's like saying "the Republican Party is using evangelicals as pawns".

    In my opinion.

    The Republicans could have very easily kept the advantage by #1 focusing on the real issue of forcing a religious organization to violate their principals, and then #2 letting it go and focusing on the economy or foreign affairs.

    If it was all just a ploy to get female votes, did they pay off Limbaugh, because he played right into their hands. If the Republicans are losing grounds it's because of what's coming out their mouths...not a plot by Democrats.
    In my opinion.

    The fragile gains Republicans had been making among female voters have been erased, a shift that has coincided with what has become a national shouting match over reproductive issues, potentially handing President Obama and the Democrats an enormous advantage this fall.
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    I don't think the democrats are waging a war against women, but I think they are trying to use a vulnerable issue to their political advantage. I don't believe they are any more supportive of women than the conservatives are. It's all a smoke screen designed to get votes.
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