Lawsuit filed against local pregnancy specialists after baby decapitated during birth Lawsuit filed against local pregnancy specialists after baby decapitated during birth | allnurses

Lawsuit filed against local pregnancy specialists after baby decapitated during birth

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    Warning: This story contains graphic details that might not be suitable for everyone.

    A local family is suing a group of high-risk pregnancy specialists in Creve Coeur after they claim a doctor made a last-minute decision that led to their baby being decapitated.

    The young couple says hey used in-vitro fertilization to get pregnant, but the unborn baby developed...
    Story in its entirety:

    Dear God...

    I cannot imagine the hurricane of feelings those parents are having...

    To finally be able to have children, then to have the baby die, then to be presented with...dear God...

    Bad news all around.
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    An OB who *wouldn't* do a c-section? and on a high risk patient? I wonder if there's something more to the story.

    Very horrifying 'tho. That poor couple.
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    My heart breaks for them. I pray they will someday find peace.
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    I find it odd that he would not just perform the cesarian. It's not like it is an uncommon procedure. I wonder if he had time constraints or something.
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    Something about this just doesn't add up. I've seen my fair share of blown calls in OB but something is fishy here. If it's true it's reprehensible.
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    I question whether perhaps the fetus had already died in utero. Without being overly graphic, I once witnessed the delivery of a stillborn baby that had been deceased for an unknown period of time before birth. The decomposition of the baby's tissues caused some body parts to become dismembered during a non-traumatic delivery.

    If this were a live-born infant with healthy tissues, I can't imagine the head actually being physically separated by pulling. I will acknowledge that an internal decapitation might be possible, but I seriously doubt that the baby's head could have been severed from its body by pulling forces alone.

    That said, my most sincere condolences go out to the baby's family and caregivers. I can't imagine the trauma of losing a full-term infant, let alone the indignity of seeing it's body traumatized in such a horrible way.
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    I read someplace else this doctor has been in practice for 21 years with no problems (based on what is made public). It's pretty bizarre in the re-telling. Maybe there will be some follow-up on it. My heart goes out to those parents as well.
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    I'd like more details too - there is such a thing as internal decapitation where the spine separates from the head but it is inside, not the entire neck (tendons, bones, muscles). I'm thinking this may be what happened.

    But . . .we need more details.