How To Control Children

  1. 0 Police: Preschool teacher slipped sleeping pills into tots sippy cups

    Those crazy teachers!
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    Not just teachers, either. I remember when paregoric was mom's best friend ... even when the kid wasn't teething.

    Personally, I can't imagine being responsible for 20 kids under two

    No excuse for unnecessarily drugging kids, though.
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    I've told this story here before. Neighbor admitted to dosing her toddler and baby with enough cold meds to make them sleep in the condo while parents could enjoy the beach on their vacation in Hawaii.

    If you didn't realize that raising kids was going to be hard work then you needed someone to let you in on that little secret.

    When I was working L&D, I was amazed at how many parents thought their lives wouldn't change - and were shocked that babies needed feeding every few hours.

    Crazy world.
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