Florida Police Resist Calls to Arrest Shooter of Unarmed Teen

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    the justice department and the fbi have announced they will conduct a criminal probe of the killing of unarmed 17-year-old trayvon martin and the ensuing police investigation that allowed his killer to walk free. martin, an african-american student at michael krop senior high school, was visiting his father in a gated community in the town of sanford, florida, on february 26 when he walked out to a nearby convenience store to buy candy and iced tea.

    on his way back, martin was spotted by the shooter, george zimmerman, who had been patrolling the neighborhood. zimmerman has told police he was attacked by martin from behind.

    but in the tape of zimmerman's own 911 call to the police, zimmerman tells the dispatcher he is the one following martin.

    the miami herald reports zimmerman had taken it upon himself to patrol the neighborhood and had called police 46 times since january 2011 to report suspicious activity or other incidents.

    we play excerpts of the 911 calls and speak with jasmine rand, an attorney who heads the civil rights division at parks & crump law firm, which is representing trayvon martin's family. "i think we have all of the evidence in the world to arrest him. and i think what the state attorney is trying to do is to try the case and the investigation, and that's not the state attorney's job," rand says. ...


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    This is an absolute outrage. I just heard about it yesterday. I'm glad it is now out of the hands of the state of Florida and the Justice Department is doing it's own investigation. I signed this online petition. It seems to be legitimate so I'l post the link here in case anyone else is interested.

    Criminal Justice Petition: Prosecute the killer of our son, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin | Change.org
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    this really is outrageous - i am sooo not understanding the complacency of the pd...
    and am trying to dissuade myself that racism was the defining factor.
    i do hope zimmerman is convicted, AND the police dept castigated as well.

    i signed the petition - we can make a difference in the name and honor of trayvon martin.

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    holding a gun may make you think others are too

    no one knows what led a florida neighborhood watch captain to shoot trayvon martin, a teenager carrying no weapon.

    but a new study raises an intriguing question: could the watch captain have been fooled into thinking the youth was armed in part because he himself was holding a gun? …

    holding a gun may make you think others are too - abc news
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    What do you think would have happened if a black adult had followed, shot, and killed a white boy?
    Mr. Zimmermanss father stated he is not racist. he probably is not. but he did make forty-six 911 calls this year reporting the sighting of one or two “black male(s)” after neighborhood break ins.
    I think he was frightened. he was not being logical.
    here are tapes of 6 of his 911 calls before the day he followed and killed a kid.
    *update* | new (shocking) george zimmerman 911 tapes from past released details a sick mind 1 of 6 - youtube
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    This is why cops have difficulty with some "neighborhood watch" groups. If this man had done what he was told the outcome would have been different. Too many who get involved in these activities think they are doing it to keep the area safe. Little do they realize they become part of the problem. You do not need a gun to report unusual activities.

    Report and get out of the way so trained personnel can approach without anger and frustration. Most police are really good at defusing situations. Most civilians are really good at escalating situations. This man caused the death of an innocent child.

    nuff said.
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    i am really really disturbed by this. it was so avoidable and so blatantly race-based.

    on the evening of february 26, george zimmerman, a self-appointed “neighborhood watch captain” in a gated, upscale orlando suburb, shot and killed 17-year old trayvon martin.because martin was black.and no, don’t even think of rolling your eyes at the suggestion. that is what happened, just as surely as so many might well be loathe to admit it.oh sure, he denies such a motivation, as does his family, but the details of the incident, now emerging from that evening leave very little question about it.this was not, as we too often hear in the wake of such incidents, “a tragedy.”this was not, as some would have it, “a terrible accident.”

    it was murder, plain and simple. and it would be called such by everyone in a nation that had any commitment to honest language, which, sadly, would pretty much rule out the one in which martin’s life began and ended, and in which zimmerman continues to operate as a free man, unarrested by the police.
    tim wise trayvon martin, white denial and the unacceptable burden of blackness in america
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    George Zimmerman is claiming self-defense. . . . .

    Please. Yeah, right.

    Firstly, Zimmerman outweighed Trayvon Martin by more than 100 pounds. Secondly, how was this small teenager going to harm anyone with a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea? Third, Zimmerman had aspirations of becoming a cop according to other sources, so he might have been an unstable hothead.

    Lastly, the kid was unarmed. UNARMED! Claiming self-defense against an unarmed teen who is much smaller than you is beyond laughable, and the Sanford Police Dept. fell for this baloney story.

    I hope that justice is served for Martin's family.
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    I don't remember ever being this horrified and upset about a story as this. I heard the 911 calls on the night of the incident and it was heartbreaking to hear that young man screaming for help, then the shot, then silence.

    George Zimmerman had appointed himself as the neighborhood watch. It was not condoned by any organization, it was his own independent "mission." He had been arrested previously for assault and battery; he had tried and failed to become a police officer, and he had a history of making calls to 911.

    The black residents of the community reported being harassed by him constantly, and said that they were so fearful of him that they didn't want to leave their homes.

    What is even more disturbing is that after the murder, the police took Trayvon Martin's body to the morgue and pronounced him to be a John Doe. They didn't even bother to ask anyone in the complex if they knew him.

    There is some confusion about what happened to his cell phone as he had been talking to his girlfriend at the time and you would have thought that the police would have picked it up and gone through it to find out who he was.

    The father didn't find out until the next day, after a night of frantically looking for him and finally calling the police.

    I did sign the petition. What a nightmare for the family. I worry even still that if Zimmerman is arrested he will be acquitted of the charges, the same way as in the Casey Anthony case. I hope that the prosecutors work their rear ends off to bring some justice to this family.

    This isn't the first time an incident like this has occurred. And it won't be the last, especially if Zimmerman is allowed to get away with it. But thankfully it has been brought out to the attention of the public.

    I hope that this case can serve as a way to change the way we handle such tragedies in this country. I hope that we all become more educated and aware of the reality of what it means to be black in America.
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    I also signed the petition. Zimmerman needs to be held accountable. My heart breaks for that poor young man and his family.

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