Fertilizer Plant Explosion in Texas

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    How devastating. Last I heard, several firefighters, a police officer, and many civilians were killed. The little town was leveled around the area.

    Teams of first responders descended on the devastated town of West, Texas, early Thursday where a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant left scores of casualties and turned homes to rubble.
    The number of dead remained unclear, with police saying it could be between five and 15. More than 160 people were injured and "three to four" firefighters were missing or unaccounted for, officials said.

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    What a tragedy. My heart goes out to all those affected by this event.
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    Things always come in threes......my heartfelt prayer for that entire community!
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    I know the area well. Salt of the earth people live there. Keep your prayers up.
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    I've been praying. Grandmother grew up on a farm near Waco. Mother born on a kitchen table near Bowie.
    In its most recent risk management plan filing with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, West Fertilizer Co. officials said they had steps in place to prevent the accidental release of anhydrous ammonia.
    The facility sold fertilizers directly to farmers, according to regulatory filings retrieved through a website run by the Center for Effective Government.

    The safety plan, filed in June 2011, said the worst-case scenario would be "the release of the total contents of a storage tank released as a gas over 10 minutes."
    Filed by the company's general manager, the risk management plan indicated there hadn't been an accident at the warehouse facility in the last five years.
    The filing also said that "based on the most likely potential incident," an alternative release scenario would be "a release from a break in a transfer hose," company officials wrote.
    To prevent that, the facility had pressure relief valves in place.
    "Safety improvement is an on-going process at the facility," officials wrote.

    West Fertilizer Co. fined $2,300 in 2006 for lack of safety plan - latimes.com
    OSHA Last Inspected Texas Fertilizer Plant in 1985

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    Devastating. I saw aerial shots of the before and after pictures. I especially feel for the families of those volunteer firefighters first on scene.
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    I'm very upset. in a small community i'm sure everyone lost someone.
    Those brave firefighters. The physician who is in charge of the ambulance services was fighting tears at one point.
    I haven't been there for decades, but like Timothy think wonderfully honest and kind people live there.
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    There is never an act of terrorism that doesn't dish devastation to good and kind people...in all countries.
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    I have read no indications of terrorism in West. Is that being reported?
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    oops...me...no, no mention of terrorism
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