Fast-food workers strike nationwide in protest against wages Read more: http://www.f

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    Many fast food workers around the country are currently going on strike demanding higher wages. They're asking up to $15 an hour. Some of these restaurants have even had to close down temporary.

    In 2003, I started a minimum wage job and started earning $5.15 an hour. I was only 16 years old. I didn't make much, but this job allowed me to pay off my first car and purchase car insurance.

    When I resigned from my management position in 2009, I was still only earning $7.75. I felt under appreciated for all the hard work I put into the job, but I wouldn't expect $15 an hour for a job that requires no high school or college education. There are still nurses getting paid only $18 and these are educated individuals.

    What do you all think?

    Fast-food workers strike nationwide in protest against wages read more:
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    Tomorrow is Labor day.
    I remember when a 40 hour a week job was the norm.
    A person could live on a full time minimum wage job.
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    Yes I do believe you should be able to live modestly on a minimum paying job. Happy Labor Day! We all should celebrate our contributions to our economy!
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    I think they know they're not going to get $15 an hour, but to put the bar so high leaves room for negotiation. Maybe they'll get $9 or $10 an hour instead of $7 and change. I do however think that any job someone does full time should at least be able to pay for a studio apartment utilities and food for that one person. No..........I don't think such jobs should pay so high as to support families. However, the corporations paying these wages can afford to pay more.

    I know someone will make the argument that people should better themselves and get education so as not to have these jobs. However, not everyone is cut out for a degree problem and if 100% of Americans had bachelor degrees, someone would still be working these jobs. The school of thought that there should be no minimum wage will lead America to be a third world nation, make no mistake.

    Strong first world nations support their fellow citizens. When they don't and allow the powers that be to abuse a segment of the population it brings everyone down.
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    Interesting view. I didn't think about negotiation, but it makes sense to me.
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    "Labor" has always been easy to point blame.

    People forget it is "Labor's fault": We do not have children in factories doing piece work.
    We have a 5 day work week.
    Paid vacations
    Insurance coverage
    Holidays off or paid a premium
    Criteria to hire and fire employees
    Minimal safety standards must be met
    Equal pay for equal work
    Pay based on your time on the job and type of job, not who you are related to

    For all of those people who have lost those things because your state is a "Right to Work" state, Understand that RTW is double speak for right to fire without cause/reason.

    As you celebrate your day off or premium pay day,
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    Since I generally don't eat at fast food places it really doesn't affect me. If they get the raise and greasy burgers and fries get priced out of the range of many consumers it's fine with me. If the eateries hire new workers and we see a repeat of the air traffic controller turnover, I'm fine with that too. It does seem a bit excessive to ask for wages greater than CNAs and just under LPNs for something that does not require a HS diploma.
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    Quote from azhiker96
    Since I generally don't eat at fast food places it really doesn't affect me.
    Actually it does affect you even if you've never stepped into a fast food joint in your life. Most of the good jobs that were lost in the Great Recession were replaced by low wage jobs. As our politicians have decided that the rich and corporations can be taxed at lower rates as the middle and working classes, there is less revenue from them. As the average wage in America shrinks, so do the taxes collected from the middle and working classes. When America had well paying jobs for those without a college degree they collected more in taxes.

    So, when I retire having paid years into social security contributions the problem will be is the workers of the younger generation will be paying much less into social security because they will on average earn much less.

    The reason America had such a successful economy prior to the 1980's is because it had a strong middle class making good wages. Saying the situation doesn't affect you seems a little short sighted.

    Minimum wages are higher all across Europe and people don't seem to have a problem affording fast food there.
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    Why is it assumed that the US wants or needs to be "more like Europe?" I am saying No thank you to that.
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    Quote from StNeotser
    The reason America had such a successful economy prior to the 1980's is because it had a strong middle class making good wages. Saying the situation doesn't affect you seems a little short sighted.
    The American middle class and economy were strongest when we had a robust manufacturing sector. Steel, automotive, semiconductor, electronics, textiles, and more have for the large part moved offshore due to pressures from US laws. Pollution and safety regulations were needed but it was naive and short sighted to fail to apply those standards to manufacturers who import good to the United States. It was easily foreseen that manufacturing would move to countries who don't care about safety and/or don't care about polluting the environment.

    Now we have an America where most consumer goods are made overseas. Many of the jobs left behind are uneducated menial labor type jobs. The hope seems to be if we just pay a lot more for someone to fry burgers it will fix everything. Well God bless us all. I wish you luck with that one.

    If you really want to help rebuild a middle class you need to encourage the growth of well paying jobs that create value several times their pay. Artificially jacking up wages on unskilled labor will not create a robust middle class.

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