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    Ted, you are just not a sports fan
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    is anyone else watching track and field?
    jessica ennis saluted by sheffield after gold medal win
    [color=#333333]...thousands of people celebrated across sheffield as ennis crossed the line at the olympic stadium to secure heptathlon gold.

    [color=#333333]for much of saturday the don valley stadium - where a big screen was put up - resembled a country picnic.
    [color=#333333]as the sheffield hero came out for her 800m heat, about 2,000 people surged forward to see her victory.
    [color=#333333]ennis, hailed as the face of london 2012, won gold on one of britain's greatest days in olympic history.

    [color=#333333]as the 26-year-old entered the olympic stadium for the 800m heat in the heptathlon, the floodlights came on in sheffield and the stadium where ennis was discovered and still trains suddenly resembled a rock concert.
    [color=#333333]when the starter's gun went off, sheffield produced a wall of noise.
    [color=#333333]and when ennis crossed the line, there were hugs, tears and even louder screams.

    [color=#333333]jessica burton, 17, said: "on my god, she's done it. we love her, we love her, we love her. i am so proud to be from the same city as jess ennis."
    [color=#333333]earlier chris eccles, who taught the heptathlete at king ecgbert school, said every pupil knew about the athlete's achievements.

    [color=#333333]"they are inspired by her because they can see someone from their own town being so successful," he said.
    [color=#333333]"they see people like jess as great role models."

    [color=#333333]ennis started running at the don valley stadium when she joined the city of sheffield athletic club at the age of 13.
    [color=#333333]despite being a world-class athlete, she still competes for the club in the northern league.
    [color=#333333]club chairman mike corden said the gold medallist was a "phenomenon".
    [color=#333333]"our kids in the club are inspired by her. they are so proud of her," he said. [color=#333333]...

    [color=#333333]bbc news - jessica ennis saluted by sheffield after gold medal win
    ... "she is unique in that she is the girl next door but has ability that the girl next door does not have," said danny townsend of sports brand analysis company repucom.

    townsend compared ennis' impact to that of australian 400 metre runner cathy freeman, australia's first aboriginal athletics champion who took gold in sydney in 2000.

    "she can become a beacon for success and the social fabric of the country in the way she handles herself, the way she appears," he said. ...

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    Quote from herring_rn
    ted, you are just not a sports fan
    no. . . no, i'm not. but if being a sports fan means dressing up like these dudes, then count me it, baby!!!!

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