My hubby needs a total hip :(

  1. Disclaimer: not asking medical advice, just venting. He does not want to let certain family members know yet, so I can't talk about it in "real life", so this is my substitute!

    Anyway, my almost 40 year old DH has such bad arthritis in his hip that the ortho doc recommends a total hip replacement. He is basically bone-on-bone. We were going to do it next month, but he has decided to put it off for a year and see if weight loss, exercise and a med change help. I found a water aerobics class nearby that is super cheap, so we are going to start doing that, and start biking rather than walking together to try and take the pressure off the hip. I am really worried and I can't let it on to him. He is so young! Not even 40 for another month! If he gets the surgery in the next couple of years, he is looking at needing another one in 15 years or so. It would be so much better if he could manage another 5 years, but he is in so much pain. He cannot walk normally and has a permanent limp/hitch. He has trouble standing and sometimes it takes him several tries to get up. I hate to see him in pain, I hurt for him. I just keep thinking, he is sooo young.

    Vent over. Please keep us in your thoughts.
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    OUCH. The ground glass in my hands, wrists, hips, spine, and knees just flared up in sympathy.

    I'm sorry to hear about this. Your hubby IS really young to be needing a THR, but on the other hand, he would probably do extremely well because of his youth. Just think---an operation, some physical therapy, and a lot of pain at first, but then it would be over and he could go on and live his life WITHOUT pain.

    Of course, I say this knowing that I myself am holding off on a total knee replacement that I probably should've had five years ago. I'm considerably older than your spouse, but I'm holding off for pretty much the same reasons. So far, I've been able to manage with plain old ASA, two tabs PO BID. I worry about developing a GI bleed, but Tylenol was useless, Motrin, Aleve etc. didn't do much either, and I refuse to take Vicodin or other narcotics. So, I swallow my aspirin tablets and hope for the best.

    Weight loss and warm-water exercise will certainly benefit your DH, but the joint damage has already been done, and he's going to need that surgery.......sooner rather than later, I should think.

    Good luck to both of you as you make this decision!
  4. by   DDRN4me
    I know it seems overwhelming to think of a 40 year old having a total hip but my dd had one at 24 due to some congenital malformation that led to arthritis and no range of motion. She had the computer assisted minimally invasive techniqe (done in Boston ; pm if you want mds name etc)
    She is like a new person!! can do soo much more that she coulnt before and with next to no pain!!
    It trruly has made a positive difference in her life.
    she tried other surgeries, PT, meds etc prior with no help. MD said she had the hip of an 80 yr old when he did the surgery. you would never know now other than her scars. (minimal from that one)
    good luck in your decisions!
  5. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Everyone keeps telling him that once he's recovered he will wish he had done it years ago, and I know it is true. I really want him to do it over the summer when I am off (I'm a school nurse), but he is not ready to do it this summer, so he wants to wait a year and focus on losing weight. I know that will help and will also help his recovery, so I am all for that. It is just sad.

    Thanks for the support, everyone!
  6. by   NewRN2008
    you know, i know your not asking advice. i work on an ortho unit. you wouldnt believe how good ppl can do though! he will be SO much better once its done! they do such great things now with meds after that makes recovery faster and much easier!!
    good luck to you both! lol i am sure you both can get thru this!!
  7. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Thanks! I know it has to be done, we are just delaying the inevitable! On the bright side his med change has been REALLY effective, so we are going to try and limp by (no pun intended) one more year and get it done next summer. Thanks for the support, everyone. It helps just to be able to get it off my chest!