B-12 program works?

  1. hmm they say a pound is 3,500 cal, so cut out 3500 a week should =1pound lost, and so on... it sure is easier said than done. I started a program vitamin B-12 shots (with amino acids---so they say), and phendametrazine (appetite sup) so they say.... others take the shot, and phentermine (which they say really TOTALLY curbs your appetite, but my BP is a little high for it, so they wont give it. Anyway, I have found that the shot is a doozy (OUCH), but does give you a big increase in energy (and I think has helped boost my immune system, as others around me got sick, usually I do too, but this time I didn't), the phendimetrazine doesn't control my appetite well at all (But, I am usually starved to death without it)...It may just be putting my mouth where my money is!! Thats a big motivator for me... as long as I counted calories, and weighted my foods/or measured, and kept calories at 1200-1400 (like the plan asked you to do) (I am suppose to add exercise, at least 30 min a day 5 days a wk) I was losing 2-3 pounds a week... if I cheated too much, then two separate weeks, I didn't lose anything, but I also didn't gain (which was good)...I am down 10.5 pounds, (with cheating a little--priorities LOL) and no exercise, (haven't figured out how to fit it into my day), and eating at 6:30pm (the program said to eat before 6p..)anyway, IT IS ALL ABOUT what you put into your mouth, and the amount of exercise, or what you burn...I know if i quit cheating (by cheating I mean a half a cup of fat free pudding, with lite whip cream, or a weight watchers fudge bar after dinner) and if I actually add exercise instead of just thinking about it... I would see a better weight loss... but old habits die hard, so It really is a lifestyle change... slowly but surely, I am changing habbits, and this time, I am really trying to NOT gain any of it back... Keep up all the great hard work, and we will get there.... PS, I will probably save my money, and stop the program soon... might try the phentermine first though... I know a bunch of nurses that swore by this program... Any comments about the program would be appreciated, I am not sure what I really want to do..? THanks
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  3. by   nurseatrest1963
    Thank you for your input...I know natural would be better! The phendemetrazine, doesn't make me tired..but it doesn't seem to help either... phentermine is suppose to really curb appetite... thank you for sharing your side effects, and the bit about caffeine ...I will keep it in mind, and see if it effects me that way...if I ever get to try it... I am still not sure what I want to do... Will probably do it the old fashion/HARD was...keep trash out of my mouth, lol.... so far no miracle cures out there for us... I have 10pounds to go to my first goal then by the books need to lose another30...or so... not sure where I will stop, but I know it will be a little at a time. Again, thanks, and good luck to you in reaching your goals!