Atkins/type II/efficacy/safety?

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    I've recently seen a increase in the number of Atkins diet users. The fact that you knew what my thread title meant by that name speaks for the popularity of its effect on our society. Now that the physiological mechanism of blood sugar control is becoming more popular as a diet aid, perhapse the numbers for type II will decrease as an informed public makes better lifestyle choices. I think if weightloss wasn't part of it, the general public would not have taken an interest to it.

    Skimming the recent book about Atkin's diet seems that it is all about conditioning your body to use fats and protiens as energy sources while keeping blood sugar levels stable. It seems that the simplicity and efficacy, as well as a ready-made public knowledge base to work with, would make the diet's relevancy to diabetes worth pursuing.

    Does anyone have patients, diabetic or not, on the diet?

    Does anyone know of a study or a group that would be investigating this?

    I wanted to avoid the logical avenue of just going to the Atkin's website, as I am sure that isn't the best source of unbiased opinnion.

    Thanks all.
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Actually there was an article in my local paper this morning from Associated Press "Two Studies vindicate Atkin's diet" "Research finds late doctor's weight-loss method really works".

    There wasn't any data about controlling blood sugar. But Atkins had his own data. It kinda makes some sense.

    My husband lost alot of weight on the Atkins diet but the problem is, as it is with all diets, you have to stay on the diet. He has since gained the weight and more back.

    I'd have to say that lack of exercise and increasing portion sizes has more to do with increasing weight and diabetes rates in our country.

  4. by   DeeDee71
    There was an article in today's NYtimes (online) about the atkins diet, I didn't read it but it sounds like the one stevielynn posted. I have to agree I think a lot of it is due to inactivity and portion size. Nearly everything is "suppersized" now and so many things are done without moving about. Turning the TV channel, drive through banks, pharmacies and fast food, etc. Email saves walking to the mail box. Games are played online instead of outside. Just MHO here and a bit of a vent on todays lifestyles sorry about that.
  5. by   James Huffman
    A friend lost 40 lbs. on Atkins. His wife lost 80.

    They were very strict about it: no carbs whatsoever. That can get a little grim, though. I know another woman who lost 50 lbs. in a year, using a modified Atkins: she ate eggs and meat for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and then a "regular" meal at dinner, meaning she would let herself have potatoes or carbs like that, but she avoided white flour stuff.

    She looked great (as do my friend and his wife): not that drawn, haggard look some folks have after losing weight.

    I've recommended a very modified Atkins for folks with moderate weight loss needs, and it works well for many people: basically avoid white flour (white breads, pancakes, etc.) and white sugar. It has the advantage that most people can stick to it, too.

    Jim Huffman, RN
  6. by   Nurse2bSandy
    Currently I am on Atkins. I had been doing some research because I seemed to have some symptoms of type ll diabetes which runs in my family. I was a big carb and sweets eater. I've been on the program for over 3 weeks and am doing great. I feel good, do not crave sweets or breads and don't seem to have that water-weight loss that I usually get on diets. I've been losing weight, but mostly I have noticed that I do feel good. And don't have the tingling in my feet that I was feeling.
    I am on protein, fats and vegetables. I did eat some bread and dessert on my sis' birthday, but going back to it was not hard. I am also exercising a few times a week... have a hard time fitting that in. I wasn't a huge meat eater, but have adapted well and hope to stick with it since I am feeling so much better.
  7. by   Ortho_RN
    Sandy.. were the first couple of days hard... I want to start it, but I have heard that several people felt weak, lightheaded and had headaches the first couple of days..
  8. by   Beachbum
    I have been on the Atkins Low carb diet now for 3 weeks now and have lost 15 pounds. I also have Diabetes Type II and Ulcerative colitis. My blood sugar has been running normal that I have stopped taking my Amaryl and only take 1 Actos in the morning. I feel great. I have much more energy and I know when I start adding more carbs to my diet I will have to watch my blood sugar, but I'm learning how to control this with my diet. It really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Without eating so many carbs and sugars you don't have the cravings and hunger that you normally have. I actually have to remind myself to eat. My husband is also on this diet also. He is doing very well too. We are following the diet exactly as it states in the book and on the web site.

    It does require you to have a different look at "diet food". Things that you thought you could eat on a weight loss diet, on this diet you do not eat or eat as much.

    I know we will have to see how it will work in the long run, but just as the book states, this is a lifestyle change, you just don't go on the diet to lose weight and when you loose the weight you start eating like you did before. This is a total change.
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  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Just to add a couple of things that came to mind as I jogged a little bit ago (felt guilty about my post re: inactivity and eating that leftover potato salad for breakfast . . . .

    Constipation was a big problem for alot of people on the Atkins diet . . be sure to drink lots of water or other fluid w/o carbs.

    My husband said he did feel great on the diet . . .more energy. Craving for carbs went away. Less gas
  10. by   KevinN
    For all you low carb dieters try this site, it is full of information including all kinds of great recipes and food ideas.

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  11. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    There are no side-effects to Melatonin that I'm aware of. Reading about its mechanism in a reputable supplement guide couldn't hurt though. I believe unless you do something ignorant such as, taking it concurrently with a sedative agent, or take it at 3 am and expect to wake up at 7:30 am refreshed, you shouldn't notice any side-effects.

    On the other hand...................
    Just because a substance is "naturally occuring", doesn't prove its safety either.

    Personaly, I've never read nor heard of such a thing that is completely safe from the creative abuse that otherwise intelligent individuals heap on themselves. Take a practical look at your personal HX and don't be too "creative".
  12. by   ceecel.dee
    Both my MIL and FIL are type II diabetics. On Atkin's, they were both able to stop their oral hyperglycemic meds, as well as losing some weight.
    They also have a hard time keeping off the weight if they modify it too much for better variety.
    I think I could do it for awhile....but for the rest of my life? Dreary! I need fruit during the pretty fruit season!
  13. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    By Stevielynn
    Constipation was a big problem for alot of people on the Atkins diet . . be sure to drink lots of water or other fluid w/o carbs
    Do you think these subjects abstained from the recommended vegetables?
    Fiber grams are not counted as "digestable" carbohydrates are, as I understand it. That would make high fiber veggies a key ingredient that was probably missing...ya think?

    Maybe these folks have a protease deficiency.
  14. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    How was induction tolerated for you?

    I see quite a few diabetics and I've been recommending that they start reseaching the Atkins diet and discussing it with their doc. The induction phase is the most concerning to me.
    For example:
    How is hyperinsulinism, in an insulin resistant pt, contolled so that 20gms of carb would be tolerated so that induction could occur?

    If you would like to get specific about your levels and how you accomplished them, but don't want to put them in the open forum, please PM me so I can give some hope to these DM pts that were in the same boat.