Your vacation misadventures

  1. I just returned from a 2 week vacation and am in need of another. Why? Murphy's Law and the "Bad Luck Shleprock" thunder cloud followed me everywhere I went.

    June 26th- the nightmare began.

    We (me, hubby & 2 kids) made it to the highway and the alternator belt snapped on our motorhome. Luckily, Phil brought replacement belts and we were able to pull over & replace it. 1 hr. later we were on the road again. We got as far as 2 exits when the oil pressure dropped, smoke poured up from hood, and we came to a rolling stop on busy I-81. Phil assessed the damage- the water pump had blown.

    Luckily my father was home and came to our rescue.

    The water pump was a very time consuming and delicate operation, taking 6 hrs. to replace. Dad decided to follow for a few miles. About a mile up the road- the temp guage registered 300 & again- smoke poured out from the hood, then the brakes locked on the driver's side. Someone was definitely sending us a sign


    it was dark when we arrived in the driveway, questioning if we should stay home or not. Well, we packed up my Jeep Cherokee and decided to leave the next morning.

    We heard that there was a terrible accident the previous evening involving 3 vehicles.

    We enjoyed our visit on Cape Cod with grammie- did a little fishing, beachcombing & clam digging. I made an awesome chowder. Then we went to Nauset Beach, and were chased out of the water by a school of bluefish, hunted by seals, that were hunted by sharks. We were sliced to shreds on the barnacle covered rocks & required first aid by the lifeguards.

    My vacation turned into work- when my husband's father asked my "opinion" on grammie (they are considering nursing home placement). That was a position I was pulled into & did not enjoy having to support their decision for around-the-clock assistance.

    We left the Cape to visit my sister in Boston.

    That was an uncomfortable few days- she and her husband are experiencing marital problems, so my sister was everything but hospitable. I smiled with glee when I saw the Blue Ridge Mountains majestically welcoming me home again. "There is no place like home."
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  3. by   June55Baby
    Ah, yes.... vacation misadventures.... One I remember well is the year we went to the "Redneck Riviera" - Gulf Shores, Alabama. Our kids were 13, 13 (yep twin girls) and 10 (son). We rented a condo on the 7th floor overlooking the beach.... it was beautiful. As my husband and children began unpacking the van and hauling all our gear up to the 7th floor, I threw open all the windows and doors to let in the Gulf Breeze. Suddenly from the parking lot, I heard this faint clink, the distinct sound of glass shattering, and then my husband's voice as he angrily shouted our son's name! It seems our son was tossing pebbles into the air (I promise Mama, it was just a tiny pebble) and one hit the van side window just right and shattered it...

    As everyone knows, sudden thunderstorms can come up off the gulf in a second and as we all looked at the shattered window in amazement, we heard the rumble of thunder and realized a storm was upon us! There was a parking garage, but it was for year-around tenants only. Husband quickly asked the management if we could park there considering the circumstances. They agreed and just as the storm hit he pulled the van under cover.

    The next day as the 3 kids and I settled ourselves under the beach cabana on the sugar white sands, my husband drove the 30+ miles into Mobile to the GM dealership for a new window. This adventure took all day and lots of our vacation money.

    That night we decided to go to a seafood restaurant for supper. After eating, we were strolling to the van to leave and husband realized that he had locked his keys in to van..... I had left my keys in the condo.

    As we were considering our next move, our son bravely said, "Too bad you had the window fixed, huh Dad?" Suddenly we all burst out laughing. Now 12 years later we all refer to this as our vacation from @*&$

    Oh, yea... as we were doubled over with laughter, a couple from our church walked out of the restaurant. Neither of us knew we were vacationing in the same area, but they took me to the condo to get my keys.
  4. by   Audreyfay
    One trip hubby and I took, we were using a rental van. When we stopped at a gas station in Wall, South Dakota, he found he wasn't able to pump gas in because the little door inside of the gas tank wouldn't stay open. He figured that it was stuck, so he pushed his finger in there to open up the door. When he tried to take it out, the door was tightly embedded into his finger. It was like one of those chinese finger traps. The harder you pull, the tighter it gets. There he was, standing in the heat with his finger stuck in the gas tank. All I could do was laugh. He was starting to panic and hollered, "Go get the gas station attendant." Okay...what do you tell a gas station attendant? "Help, my husband has his finger stuck."? The gas station attendant brought a screwdriver and forced the door open so hubby could get his finger out. I wish I had a camera handy! We ended up having to go on the other side so that the van was not on a slant, then we were able to fill the tank without a problem.

    Along the way we missed one of the turns and ended up going about 60 miles out of our way. Someone was watching over us. It started to rain and pour. We heard on the radio that if we had made our planned turn, we would have been right in the path of a tornado.

    As the saying go, if someone makes you slow down, perhaps there is a reason. If you miss a turn, maybe there's a reason? :angel2:
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  5. by   traumaRUs
    We have had some doozies too! Laughed at all of the above but obviously they are now cherished memories!
  6. by   Mandarella
    Our flight was for 6 am..we got up at 3. SIL swerved to miss a deer in the ice storm ended up in a ditch. Hubby had to pick her up we got off to a late start almost missed our flight with a 1 month old and a 13 month old AND a HOH grandmother who cannot follow directions in an airport terminal... going through line with EVERYONE'S luggage, HOH gram and having to take my son out of the baby pack, out of his snowsuit, all under my coat for weapon inspection. Then BACK through the scanner without our shoes..
    On the plane everyone slept=beautiful...
    10 day stay in FLA...had to share a small house with the inlaws and their 4 SMALL comment... Too many gripes here. You can't have 3 seperate families, renters=13 people staying in the same place...
    and unbenonst to ALL of us the house we rented came all inclusive with the permanent renters still living there while we were there. They walked in while we were all eating dinner, we all loked at each other as if to say "*****" Very nice. Long lost family came EVERY day to see us...expected us to watch their children while they went out AND even threw a party at our rental house!!!! Again..."*****"
    I am changing my son in our room and the door flies open...some strange man I had never saw before with a woman says "and this is my room" and leaves. !!!!!!! Only after of course the drunken woman says "oh a baby and tries to come over and touch my newborn" Ok, I lost it. :angryfire :angryfire
    My oldest son developed an ear infection as did our niece so screaming and crying lasted the rest of the 8 days we were there. The ER visit was LONG, and horrific. Staff were excellent!!! Patients were screaming and yelling and threatening to sue. Whatever, thanks to any North Broward ER staff that were there that night!!
    Our only day of rest was suppossed to be to go and see John Edward in Miami...we left 3 hours early to ensure a safe arrival, good seating and parking. We got lost...I wasn't aware that there was such an enormous difference between NW 72nd st and NW 72nd Ave. We wanted the latter of the two...we ended up in a neighborhood with bars on the windows and gas stations you couldn't walk into because they were locked up, you could only talk through the bullet proof glass...OK moving on...we pull over a cop to ask for directions...he has NO idea where the Raddison would be but "we better get back to where we came from." Excellent.
    We made it to see John Edward (wonderful by the way) made it safely home.
    A fight breaks out between my husband and his childless brother who has no patience for a crying baby with an ear infection...:uhoh21:
    Skip to the plane ride home...Our seats were divided up, my husband and I couldn't sit together with our kids
    We had to sit across the aisle from each other...he had the window seat with my oldest son and 2 tacky women sat in the other 2 seats and immediately gave each other the "look" when they saw that a child was going to sit next to them. My son was an angel he slept. BUT before he slept he kept looking at the woman next to him and smiled at her to which she gave a 13 month old a dirty look!!!!!:angryfire And tried to move closer to the other woman. She made 2 snide comments and countless looks at one point my husband needed a baby wipe to wipe my son's hands so I stood up and handed them over to him and the first woman almost grabbed them from my hands and said I can give it to him<rudely>. I snapped at her that I can do it, and I was SO sorry to have ruined her flight home with my sleeping child because we have caused such a ruckess- I offered to ask the flight attendant if I could move them into another seating arrangement:angryfire so they wouldn't be too traumatised by the flight home. Then I kindly reminded her that children have just as much of a right to fly as any adult. They changed their tune...quick. I was 4 weeks post c-section...hormones were flying and an eruption was about to happen especially after the awful 10 day trip we had...I think that they sensed that and were quiet the rest of the flight. If they so much as turned their head I was quickly on them to see if they were crabbing again. I was hormonal, in pain and just waiting...waiting...waiting for them to make another verbal punch to my poor sick baby who just wanted to smile at them.
    Trust me if we didn't have to make this Fla trip we wouldn't have. But unfortunately we didn't have a choice in the matter. So that was my nightmare...I hope to NEVER have that happen again...
  7. by   movealong
    I haven't had anything too bad happen on vacation. Just little stuff.

    My girlfriends and I had gone to Puerto Vallarta. We were sitting in the lounge at the airport having drinks. And somehow we missed the call for our flight. The next plane to san diego ( this was years ago) wasn't for another 1-2 days. We had to call in to the hospital we worked at.

    I also missed a connecting flight in Minn. It was a redeye and it was late, so I had to sleep at the airport. I woke up kinda disoriented. I looked around and saw a group of 20-30 men wearing baseball caps with the stuffed antlers coming out of the sides. I thought, where in the heck am I?????????????
  8. by   June55Baby
    "Florida - 4 weeks post c-section"

    OK Mandy ! ! ! ! You win. That sounds like the WORST vacation ever.

    I would like to know more about the family that came in during dinner - the original renters?? Now that is weird. What did y'all do? Where did everybody stay?
  9. by   sandypinktruck
    When i was a kid, our family took a lot of road trips - usually to go camping.
    On one particular trip, after a pit stop in a town called Kabetogama, MN, my dad heard my 3 siblings snickering in the back seat....... You can tell where this is heading...... About 10 miles down the road, he asked what was so dang funny that they couldnt stop laughing....... Then my parents realized that they have FOUR children NOT THREE...... THey turned back around to pick up me who had been left behind! And yes, I permanently left them with the memory or me running after the car, trying to pull my pants up!!!!!
  10. by   Mandarella
    UGH, a young couple as we were sitting there eating dinner came walking in the front door...said hello and walked into the back room. :stone Apparently they live there and decided to stay while we were there. Tell me how I slept all week!!!! it's bad enough to deal with inlaws and living conflicts but to share with strangers??? They pretty much went their own way but that doesn't lessen the strangeness of it all...There were 3 bedrooms for all of us. And lucky us, ours was right next to the pool!!! But I did hear a story that I believe has me beat!!! I saw it on tv. A couple was getting married and 2 days before the weddingshe had stoach cramps, she thought it was nerves. They get married with some strange ocurrences almost miss thei flight to Mexico because they forgot their passport. They get to Mexico and she is doubled over in pain. The go to a (they showed the pics) dungeon like hospital it was all stone on the inside complete with a nun. The Dr asks how much the husband has on him...he says well how much it the appendicitis surg?? And th DR asks him how much he has again!!! He gave him 2 thou and the dr laughed and said that wasn't enough, he wanted 10 thou...or he wouldn't do the surgery!!!! The guy had to call and get a few more thou wired to the doc and he agreed to do it if he could get the remaining $ after the s urg. So the husband agreed. They tried to leave the hotel after her recovery but the hotel told them to stay where they were and the Mexican police showed up...The dr wouldn't let them leave the country without paying!!!! They did leave eventually, but how terrifying is that??? Now that's a nightmare!!!
    Quote from June55Baby
    "Florida - 4 weeks post c-section"

    OK Mandy ! ! ! ! You win. That sounds like the WORST vacation ever.

    I would like to know more about the family that came in during dinner - the original renters?? Now that is weird. What did y'all do? Where did everybody stay?
  11. by   kids
    We do a lot of camping and always have, on almost any weekend from June thru September some member of the family is sleeping on the ground & eating food with bugs in it.
    We have a tradition of one major campout every summer with the whole family (no excuses, everyone attends) at different locations several hours from home. We are not novices but all bets are off for that one trip as a family.
    We call it our annual vacation in h*ll.

    1995: Dugan Falls Camp (Federal Land). The large group (60+) bikers that showed up for the weekend weren't that much of a problem, they confined their activities to the other side of the area. The problem was keeping my pre-pubescent sons from sneaking thru the underbrush to look at the topless chicks. I slept 9 nights in a tent with 2 bedwetters. I should have realized it was an omen.

    1996: Gifford Pinchot Nat'l Forest, WA. Ex-SO's best friend fell on a beer bottle some idiot (him) had thrown in the fire. His girl friend drove him to the ER, they returned. 2 days later he fell down a cliff, broke his ankle & had to be carried out by North County Search & Rescue. It rained the entire 6 days; we passed the time trenching to keep the tents & fire from being washed away.

    1997: Gifford Pinchot Nat'l Forest, WA. Ex-SO's best friend fell down a cliff, knocked him self out & had to be carried out by North County Search & Rescue. The temp never got above 62 and it drizzled the entire week.

    1998: Sunset Falls, WA (Federal land). Ex-SO's best friend (yes, the same guy, all 3 years) fell down a cliff, broke his hip & had to be carried out by North County Search & Rescue. But it didn't rain!

    1999: Salt Plains Lake, OK. Tornado warnings and rattlesnakes, need I say more?

    2000: Cougar Creek Camp, WA (Federal land). We toted 300 lbs of fishing gear to learn that the waters had closed to fishing the day before. The "potable water" on site was too thick to drink, too thin to farm. 2 porta-pots for 200 people. Day 2 they closed the forest to fires. I learned to cook eggs on the gas bbq purchased on a 50 mile drive to buy water.

    2001: Silver Falls State Park, OR. Sky was blue, sun was shining...until we got the last tent set up, then came 4 days of drought ending rain. 4 days spent in tents with dogs with the trots.

    2002: Crow Butte State Park, WA. The website was so pretty; we should have been suspicious when the ranger commented "we don't get many tent campers". Sky was blue, sun was shining...until day 2. Then came the 40 mph winds. 85 sites and we never saw another camper after that: they were all holed up in their motor homes. Daughter who had sailed thru her first 3 months of pregnancy develops all day morning sickness, the only time she wasn't retching was when she was asleep.

    2003: Nehalem Bay State Park, OR. Gale force winds. Constantly.

    2004 will be Labor Day weekend at Cape Disappointment on the WA coast. I have learned my lesson. We have reserved a cabin and the adjacent campsite. My husband & I just spent 2 nights at the cabin doing recon. The cabin is one very basic 13X13 room. But it sleeps at least 6, has heat, lights & a plug in and is near flush toilets & showers. There is a store and laundrymat nearby and a hospital within 5 miles. I am bringing Mr. Coffee.
    I am sure the weather will be perfect.

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  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    Being a child of the '60s, I took a lot of road trips with my family, and for the most part they were loads of fun. The only problem was, I've always had a small bladder, which caused a lot of hassle for my father because he HATED to stop--mind you, this was a man who drank an entire Thermos full of coffee every morning and never had to 'go' more than once or twice a day--while I required potty trips roughly every hour.

    This made for some interesting experiences driving across the desert.......usually, the panic would start with the spotting of a "Last Rest Area for 90 Miles" sign and become acute within 40 miles. It didn't help that I was lying upside down in the back seat drinking Coca-Colas from the ice bucket; nevertheless, we made more than one stop in the middle of the desert because I could neither hold it till we got to the next town, nor would my father turn around.

    The last time we drove across country was when I was about 15. As usual, the need to empty my bladder manifested itself approximately halfway between rest stops, and after the usual growling from my father ("Aw, come on, honey, can't you PLEASE wait until we get to Vegas??") we pulled over.
    At this age, however, I was considerably more self-conscious than I'd been in the past, and this time I made my mother open both doors on the passenger side of the car while I squatted between them.

    Well, it would've been OK if the state trooper, who evidently thought we needed help, hadn't pulled up while I was in mid-stream, as it were. I frantically fought to get my panties and shorts back on before he spotted me squatting beside the car, but as I did so I lost my balance and fell. Right in the puddle, too. :imbar And right over the car door loomed the cop, 6'6 if he was an inch, and his face was as red as mine must have been.......It took me a while to get over that one!! :chuckle
  13. by   kids
    Something occured to me after I posted.

    I have been going on family camping trips since I was a small child.
    Looking back I can't remember a single experience that dodn't involve a record breaking storm, a first aid kit or an unscheduled side trip to a store for a forgotten necessity and a forest fire.

    I think I may be a jinx.
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  14. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Not even 2 miles after leaving the house, Dad gets a wreckless driving speeding ticket. :stone