What are your next vacation plans???

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    Amy and I will be going on our yearly fall vacation in a couple of weeks. This year we're going to Sedona, Arizona. Again. (It will be our third time there over the past 4 years.) We just love the area; love the hiking; love the beautiful scenery. This year, we're renting a HUGE house on about 20 acres of land with lots of view. It ain't cheap, but it will make for a wonderful get-a-way.

    Vacations are rejuvenating for the soul. At the very least, it's a special time to just do something different in life for a short period of time. Some people travel. Some people visit family. Some people stay at home and (FINALLY) get to those chores that need to get done. It's all good!

    So. . . What's YOUR next vacation plans? What do you like to do on those extended times off from work (or from the daily routines of life)??

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    Sounds great Ted so you have room for guests huh huh huh??? Ummmm what dates are you going so I can organize some time off? LOL

    My goal is to get back to Australia next year to see and spend time with my family.
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    Sabby_NC - Guests??? Oops! I believe I meant to write that my wife and I are renting a one-bedroom hut! (LOL!)

    We would love to visit Australia someday! It just seems to be a lovely country!!
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    I think I've said this before . . . . we never go on vacations. Our family is super busy in the fair-weather months (farming, logging, mosquito killing) and poor in the colder months.

    But it sure sounds fun!
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    Spidey's mom - I've talked to a number of people (friends and family, alike) who don't take vacations as well, usually because of financial and/or work-related reasons. It seems to me that you and your family do a lot of neat things that don't necessarily involve doing the more "traditional" vacation thing.

    There's the idea of the "stay-cation" which Amy and I enjoy doing, too. It's also much easier on the pocket-book as well. For me, the idea of taking a vacation is important to me more to do something different and out of the ordinary in life. "Stay-cations", staying at home, can be quite out of the ordinary for some people. We certainly enjoy our "stay-cations" when we plan and take them. We also like to travel. We can only afford to take vacations that involve traveling because we don't have children in our lives.
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    My next trip will be in February to Puerto Rico. I have a conference to attend there, and I plan on extending it for a day or two. I'm currently saving for a big vacation for next summer. Both of my kids are graduating (1 from high school, 1 from college), and we're planning a trip to Europe. Spain is the current front runner for choice of destination. I love to travel, and wish I could afford to do more of it.
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    We used to camp both at state and national parks and "luxury" campgrounds with resort type activities such as Good Sam and KOA.
    Now my husband has CHF so we go to cities and take a tour. I don't want a medical emergency too far from a hospital.

    The first such vacation was to New Orleans in 1990. Just the music makes me very happy. We've been on the Mississippi river tour where we saw where Cajun families have a boat, and no land vehicle, the site of the "Battle of New Orleans", and the house used in "Gone With the Wind"

    We have toured D.C., El Paso, TX, Denver, and other cities.
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    BCgradnurse - It should be a fun conference with time to explore. Enjoy!

    herring_RN - I haven't been camping in decades! The last time Amy and I went camping, it was in the Seranac Lake region where we had to dig a hole to do our doody. LOL! Never went camping since! LOL! As it stands now in our lives, camping is when the maid does NOT leave lovely wrapped up chocolate candies on the pillows in the afternoon. (The horror!!) LOL! (We actually did, once, stay at a hotel where the maids took down the linen at around 5:00 PM and put chocolate candy on the pillows. It was both weird and cool at the same time!! )
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    This is a resort campground: San Francisco North / Petaluma KOA | Camping in California | KOA Campgrounds
    I highly recommend camping for travel with children. There are playgrounds and activities. I like it much better than a hotel or motel.

    Even state and national park campgrounds have flush toilets and cold water showers.

    We used to put up a tent. If it was a weekend fishing trip we only brought salad greens, potatoes, onions, and oil. If we didn't catch fish we just ate fried potatoes with onions and a salad.

    PP&J for breakfast and lunch. Powdered milk. Yup we did. It was fun.
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    My next vacation has been in the works for several years. I haven't had a real vacation since spring 2011- shortly after that, I started school. So, this next vacation next spring will be a full blowout party to celebrate my graduation and make up for the lack of vacations. Saving up for first class tickets and a nice condo in Hawaii for a week- I've been before, and just love the place. Definitely ready for some downtime.
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