Need some vacation planning suggestions..on Newfoundland..

  1. Here's the deal..planning a vacation headed Northeast from Pittsburgh. I used to work with a couple of Canadian nurses from Newfoundland and they said it was a pretty cool place. I studied a map once and it showed a lot of ferries going ----can't recall where. Anyway, they said some of the ferry rides were 8 or 12 and 20 hours long,....depending where you drive on and drive off...Question: Are these ferry rides fun? I was on one from Vancouver to Victoria Island for several hours and that was fun and Impressive ! Are the ones in Newfoundland area as nice? The Vancouver one had a couple of restaurants , a bar, a gift shop, and we all stayed out on deck and sunbathed and drank Canadian beer...And, do they eat lobsters in Newf.? And can any of you give me an idea of what tourists could/should plan to see and do if they are in the area? Is that part of Canada a place where tourists go...? in August or September?