Hawaiin Vacation - Looking for advice

  1. We are seriously considering going to Hawaii this year for vacation.

    Anyone out there who would like to share their experience, tips, or best place to stay?

    Photos anyone?
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Sure Joe, I'll be happy to share our experiences with you. We've been twice now! LOVE LOVE LOVE it in Hawai'i!

    I'll get back to you as I'm just popping in here briefly for now, but will write up the places, etc and post later. In fact, I've just done the same for a friend who is headed there after their Canada / Alaska trip, leaving next week.

    Back later! ..............

    PS: Hahaha ..... I just realised, I'm happy to share but be warned, it's an Aussie's perspective! LOL
  4. by   Grace Oz
    Ok, here goes ..............

    I recommend seeing Pearl Harbour. It's really worthwhile to visit and pay respect. We caught a bus on Kuhio Street, it only cost us about $2 each from memory. Took us direct to a stop right at the centre. We took advice from others and went early, however so did the tour buses! So, we ended up in line with about 300 other people from the tours waiting to but tickets! I'd go a bit later if I were you to avoid the lines and crowds. The tours move through at a reasonable pace, so by the time you get there the crowds should have thinned out a bit. You can take a lei to place at the memorial if you like.

    A hike up Diamond head is a must! Wear sturdy shoes, pack light,take water! Just take your time. If I can do it anyone can! The view is so well worth the climb!

    Waikiki is very touristy, has all kinds of shops and hotels everywhere! There's ABC souvenir shops located on almost every corner. They're great for purchasing sundries, - (film, batteries, shampoo, snacks etc) - a bit like an Hawaiian 7-11 with T-shirts!

    We had a meal at the Tiki Bar on Waikiki Beach and really enjoyed it. It's on a balcony overlooking the strip and beach. I had a decadent dessert there!

    The "International Marketplace" is a bit like an outdoor bazaar with stalls. It has a lot of the same stuff over and over but is fun to walk through. In the centre is an outdoor bar that has hula dancing and live music at night.

    One of the highlights of our visit was the Polynesian Cultural Centre. I strongly encourage you to go there! A fabulous day out. We bought the "Ambassador' package, which included the day tour, the dinner - (or Luau if you so choose)- and the night show; "Horizions". We chose the dinner in the restaurant since we'd already been to "Germaine's Luau". Which I also highly recommend.

    We also spent a week on KAUAI. This island is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It's not touristy as is Waikiki, is easy to get around, even us Aussie's who had never driven a car in America - (on the WRONG side of the road! lol) - hired a car and got around with -( mostly! ) - ease! Waimea Canyon is a must see, they call it the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and it's wonderful! Princeville is also beautiful. Anini Beach is also lovely to spend time at. Hanalei is a lovley spot and has shops and eateries. KAMOKILA HAWAIIAN VILLAGE is worth a vist to see how the people lived in days gone by. Go snorkling at Lydgate State Park, a lovely lagoon type of area on the beach enclosed by a rockery and you can see all kinds of fish. Safe for kids too!
    We stayed at the RESORT QUEST ISLANDER ON THE BEACH at KAPAA on the east coast of KAUAI. We had no complaints and enjoyed our stay there. I'd happily recommend it to anyone. The COCONUT MARKETPLACE is right next to the resort and easy access for shopping and meals etc.

    Hope this is someway helpful to you, Joe. If I think of anymore to share, I'll post again.

    I just LOVE it and am keen to return!
    I totally recommend KAUAI!
    Waikiki is fine for a first or brief visit, but it's very commercial and busy and geared to the tourist for sure! But ... it was fun just the same.
  5. by   Joe V
    my wife is going to love the detail that you provided - thank you so much this really helps !!

    you know - I completely forgot about Pearl Harbour. That is a must!

    We like to experience the "vacation" so getting out it is what we like to do.

    We take a lot of pictures/video, I plan on posting them here.

    Did you stay at Hawaii? Where? Did you like it?

    (this is exactly why we created this Vacations section)
  6. by   ElvishDNP
    I've got a tip, Joe: take us with you.
    Just a bit of friendly envy.
  7. by   tnbutterfly
    Hey Joe. We are planning a trip to Hawaii this year too! I'm glad you started this thread.
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from Elvish
    I've got a tip, Joe: take us with you.
    Just a bit of friendly envy.
    I wanna go too!!!

    Definitely, the Pearl Harbor tour is a must. I've been there 3 times. Although I haven't been to Hawaii since the '70s, I'll never forget that, especially the Arizona Memorial.

    I'll also never forget being tended to by a GORGEOUS lifeguard on Waikiki Beach when I cut my foot on some coral.

    Or getting smashed on Blue Hawaiis while my mother sat there and laughed at me. (the drinking age there was 18 at the time)

    Or sitting on the beach in front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel right next to Rob Reiner (who winked at me), Penny Marshall, Harvey Korman, and Robert Goulet (who tried to pick up my mother!!!)

    Or getting food poisoning so bad that I wound up in the ER at Queen's Hospital for IV fluids.

    Yep, I wanna go again!!
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    marla - are you sure it wasn't alcohol poisoning?

    or getting smashed on blue hawaiis while my mother sat there and laughed at me. (the drinking age there was 18 at the time) *wine

  10. by   Joe V

    We never thought about island hopping until you mentioned it
    I started looking into it - and this is something we have to do. (thank you for your detailed post)

    The island hopping package we are looking at will cost around $15,000-$20,000.

    As you are aware, we just purchased a new home. This means that we will not go on the Hawaiin vacation this year but it is plan for next year (exactly 1 year from today).

    We decided to take the kids to Universal Studio / Walt Disney (2 weeks July 4th holiday). This will be the kids first Walt Disney trip.
  11. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from spidey's mom
    marla - are you sure it wasn't alcohol poisoning?

    or getting smashed on blue hawaiis while my mother sat there and laughed at me. (the drinking age there was 18 at the time) *wine


    no, not that time........the food poisoning happened when i was 15.

    i'd had a piece of red-velvet cake at top of waikiki (one of the two revolving restaurants in honolulu) that had some icing which even now, i can remember how it tasted a little funny. but, ever the hog---even as a sophomore in high school and 120 pounds dripping wet---i snarfed down the entire piece without even thinking about it.

    i mean, this was a memorable episode of food poisoning: not only because of where i was at the time it occurred, but because of its swift onset and violent repercussions. i felt the first wave of chills hit me while we were still on the street outside our hotel; by the time we got up to the room, i was begging mother to turn off the air conditioner because i was freezing. (the ac, however, was not on.) so i curled up in a miserable ball with about 15 blankets wrapped around me and proceeded to become sicker than i've ever been in my life, before or since. i half-expected to see my shoes in the bottom of that toilet bowl. meanwhile, my poor mother was sopping out blankets and sheets in the bathtub (i'd lost control at both ends) and undoubtedly feeling put out---this was supposed to be her vacation from all that---as i continued to rid myself of probably everything i'd eaten for the previous week.

    luckily, she had a friend on the island who was a nurse at queen's hospital, and between the two of them they got me to the er where i was given iv fluids for dehydration. i still felt pretty puny, though, and we flew home three days later; my dad was shocked when, instead of looking tanned and well-rested, i got off the plane looking like something the cat dragged in! :uhoh21:

    but no, no etoh was involved that time. :wink2: sometime i'll have to tell y'all about the time i got into the 151 proof rum at this one bar in haleiwa (sp?)........