Going to DC in August! Looking for offbeat stuff!

  1. Yes, I know going to DC in August might not be the most comfortable vacation spot, but it took me 4 tries to get time off, and I'm going, darn it!
    If there is anyone who lives/works in the area and can suggest some off the wall, tourist free resturants/places to see, I would appreciate it!
    I'll be there the 10-20, won't be renting a car.
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  3. by   Joe V
    Washington DC is beautiful! Everyone must visit DC at least once.

    check out all the Smithsonian Museums - they are all free
    - museums are big; they will will take a good part of the day to review

    make sure you get to see the Lincoln Memorial; the whole area is beautiful (many other memorials nearby)

    many restaurants - franchise: ESPN Zone and Hard Rock Cafe near National Mall (go early or really late very busy place)

    take one of the tour trolleys
    - there's 3 different kinds; 2 are fairly new and offer new trolleys
    - each takes a different route
    - purchase the 1 price 2 day ticket
    - save your tickets; drivers don't check tickets - just hop on / get off any stop

    bring extra SD card and battery for camera/video - you'll need it!

    visit zoo if possible - one of the largest and best zoo that I ever visited (take the Metro); did I say it's FREE?

    book a hotel that is near the National Mall - will save you a lot of walking

    previously stayed at The Liason Capitol Hill: - beautiful modern deco but too far to walk plus local charity place nearby; valet $30 per day; won't stay there again because of location but liked it

    L'enfant Plaza Hotel - close to National Mall; Metro (subway) access under hotel; open and accessible location; rooms are outdated but price is reasonable; package included free valet; didn't like the room that much but location was great; may stay again if nothing else available

    oh I almost forgot - if you are driving in make sure you can park/valet your car in hotel; I drove to DC with family - some places don't have room for SUVs.
  4. by   Ginger's Mom
    Great city and I am going there this weekend, we won a tour with one of the VETS who takes care of the Pandas ( actually she is in charge of artificial reproduction. Visit Georgetown Kind like Cambridge Ma, go to ALexandria which is a great old style city.
  5. by   Dani8962
    Not sure how long you will be in DC but there is a ton to do!!!

    All the Smithsonians, Holocaust Museum, National Arboratum - the typical sightseeing stuff.

    The Metro system is wonderful and very very easy to navigate - nothing like new york or chicago. You can go into Maryland and Virginia with the system. Just get an all day pass - its cheapier. Heres the website:

    A neat way to see the city by land and sea is riding the "DUCKS" - http://www.dcducks.com/

    Spend an eveing in Georgetown = great little shops and restaurants and a ton of bars.

    There are alot of places to see a show - Kennedy Center, National Theatre, Verizon Center, Wolftrap (outdoor), Warner theatre.

    If you like fondue - http://www.meltingpot.com/ - plan to spend a couple of hours there - cheese course, salad, meat/fish/poultry and finally chocolate..... quite an experience. You cook the food yourself!

    The Spy Museum is not so great but there is the new NEWSEUM (sp?)

    If you write your congresssman now you might be able to score a tour of the white house.

    Not sure if you are bringing children or what your "tastes" are but if you give me some more info I can tell you more detailed stuff. Lived in maryland all my life.

  6. by   military spouse
    Might try the National Museum of Health and Medicine at Walter Reed. Absolutely fascinating and I would highly recommend it.
  7. by   MickeyTong
    I've never been there, and I'm sure it has changed since this song was recorded. I think even Barry likes it now.

    [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqBULN0hZ1g&playnext=1&list=PLDD1E4313F504 FF06[/YOUTUBE]