Disney World Discounts for Nurses??

  1. I know that a lot of the resorts and parks give teachers discounts for Disney World in Florida. Does anyone know if there are any for nurses? We are going there this September and I thought to check......(you know, budget and all!)

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  3. by   Mandee
    Hi! The only discount I know of is for the Swan and Dolphin resorts which are on Disney property but not owned by Disney, however, they are really nice. We just went to DW in June, it was sooooooooooo great.

  4. by   jaxnRN
    What was the discount amount for? 10%? I am curious and might want to take advantage if it is a good savings! Also, can you use this on top of other discounts?
  5. by   Mandee
    If you go to www.disboards.com you will see the Swan and Dolphin on the right hand side-once you click on that there is a spot to put "nurse" in their discount area, I'm not sure how much of a discount it is. The Disboard is an awesome site for Disney information. We stayed at the Contemporary as my hubby is in the military and Shades of Green is closed for renovations. Do you have children? Some of the resorts are more kid oriented than others but really they all have that Disney Magic.