Who do we fear?

  1. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/n...senal/2474477/

    I read this article and watched the video shaking my head. A tank? Fully automatic weapons? Why?

    This is not a terrorist cell. This is a quiet suburban neighborhood where a former military man and fire arms instructor lived.

    I guess we have little to fear from the spying our government that has been recently unearthed and heavily reported. They did not pick up on this guy with his live grenades, or even have a neighbor report a tank in the back yard.

    My prayers for his family.
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  3. by   tewdles
    I wonder as well.

    My daughter posted something on FB a bit back... a piece about keeping the American public in fear relative to arming themselves.
    I thought it was a bit crazy and conspiratorial (is that a word?) but my SIL is very right wing, pro NRA while my DD is not so much...I never know what I will hear from them...LOL.

    We are gun people and, therefore, we know bunches of gun people.
    My husband was responsible for the building of one of the nicest indoor gun ranges in SW Michigan. He ran several competitions for all sort of weapons at the indoor and outdoor ranges. It was great fun and we met tons of terrific people.
    We also met many people who were, well, different...and sometimes a bit scary.

    Let's just say the Michigan Militia is alive and well, across the state apparently.
    As well as some "gun enthusiasts" who live very peripherally in our society.

    I wonder what the people who are "hoarding" guns and ammunition are in fear of? My faith encourages me to NOT live in fear as living in fear is NOT living in faith.

    Yes we are to be watchful, yes we are to be prepared...but what are they preparing for?