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    Quote from tntrn
    And he has lying about the Syria thing....but then the Syria thing has been one lie after another since it happened, and he is hardly the first person or the highest in rank to have done it.
    Correction: Biden was lying about the Libya thing and the assassination of the ambassador there. But he either lied or just didn't know any better about Syria too. Syria is NOT 5 times bigger than Libya, as the VP said at least one, and since he repeats himself when he speaks, probably at least twice. In fact, Libya is 9.5 times larger than Syria.

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    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    Having lived in PA all my life with Philadelphia stations covering Delaware policitcs + living nearby Claymont DE, demeanor showed by VP Biden was his usual self as seen over past 25+yrs he's been Senator. Wish all 79 yrs were looking as good and as intellectually sharp as him. With some more experience, can see Ryan becoming Presidential candidate.

    My DH was having FITS that Biden wasn't allowed equal time to speak and felt Martha Raditz could have enforced 2min time limit better. Theories without details from Romney/Ryan camp concerns him and other"47% 's" most.

    Malarkey goes over well in our Irish household.

    In stories afterwards (more than just Fox by the way), it was shown that your husband had the wrong impression:

    “Biden interrupted 82 times during the entire debate.” To those watching on television, that seemed like a low number.

    Raddatz followed the Biden lead though – interrupting the debaters 50 times. She leaned heavily on Ryan, interrupting him 31 times, 12 more than the 19 times she cut off Biden. She also took a liberal tone on abortion and let Biden control the debate tone by never shutting up. He led Ryan on time by 1 minute 20 seconds, 41:32 to 40:12, but it was doubtful that the debate clock could track every Bidenism. CNN’s Anderson Cooper said Biden managed to “continually inject himself” into Ryan’s comments. Cooper, too, was living in the land of understatement........"

    Read more: Liberal media split over how to spin Raddatz and Biden's performance at debate | Fox News
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    I have been reading some of the fact checking. Actually I really did not need to as Joe fact checked all of Ryan's lies and misdirections. I think that by it self was interesting. Joe will not allow the citizens of this country to be told lies without trying to convey the truth. While I read complaints of interruptions by Joe, these are the same complaints many had about Romney last week.

    Have to agree with NRSKaren, Joe is always the same. He carries his coal cracker roots well. His son is smoother and still has the same values and probably would also say malarkey. I read complaints about his smiles and laughs. I did not care for Romeny's plastic sneer last week. Funny how things change in a week.

    Telling to me was Joe's ability to be true to his Catholic faith and see that he does not have the right, as an elected person to impose this religion, religious tenents, or religious beliefs on anyone else. I wish Ryan had the same understanding of separation of church and state.
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    In talking about lies, I brought over one of my sources for Biden's lies.
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    By unofficial media counts, Mr. Biden interrupted the Republican some 80 to 100 times. Mr. Ryan let the bully get away with too much for our tastes, at least until he finally pushed back on the interruptions or until Mr. Biden lost steam in the last half hour. But as anyone who's been in a tavern past midnight understands, it's hard to win a fight with a guy who is shouting from the corner bar stool.

    On nearly every specific issue on which Mr. Biden attacked, he was demonstrably wrong. The Administration's Medicare actuary really does say that 15% of hospitals will take on operating deficits as a result of ObamaCare's cuts in payments to Medicare providers

    Review & Outlook: The Bully vs. the Wonk -
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    Ryan pushed especially effectively on Libya, and I actually think Biden’s answers on that front were extremely problematic for the administration and will greatly complicate their efforts to control a growing, serious, and very ill-timed scandal. The bald-faced lie about requests for more security will just have to be rolled back, which will be a bit embarrassing. But Biden’s throwing the intelligence community under the bus is a huge problem too. Any time a politician blames something on the intelligence community, you just know that a torrent of leaks from the intelligence community to the major papers is about to erupt, and I think we can bet on that happening here
    The VP Debate - By Yuval Levin - The Corner - National Review Online

    (This analysis includes some criticism of Ryan as well but this comment stood out to me).

    Bald-faced lie indeed.
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    Preventable tragedy | The Columbus Dispatch

    Testimony in a congressional hearing Wednesday on the Sept. 11 outrage against the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi fueled a growing suspicion: President Barack Obama’s administration was more concerned about projecting the image of improving stability in Libya, to bolster his re-election chances, than it was about ensuring the security of Americans on the ground there.

    The fact of a successful terrorist attack against the U.S. on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks — a day, above all others, when security for American officials in volatile countries should be at its utmost — is demoralizing and infuriating.

    After months of concern by diplomats in Libya about the country’s deteriorating security, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three embassy employees were murdered by heavily armed and organized terrorists. The possibility the government could have prevented their deaths by responding to their pleas for greater security is devastating.
    What followed in the ensuing weeks is an astounding display either of incompetence or dishonesty, as Obama administration officials gave constantly shifting accounts of what happened.
    Even as military and intelligence officials flatly stated the obvious as early as Sept. 13 —that the attack was a planned terrorist operation
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    Ryan's budget that every GOP voted for decreased State Department funding by 20%. You can't decrease any budget tht much without effects. Ryan needs to take some of the heat for not looking at the big picture when he decided that cuts were good, no matter who was injured. Now they try to push all the blame on Obama. None of you blamed Bush when embassies were attacked 7 times in his presidency. Then the blame was on the aggressor.

    Sorry, I have little tolerance for this attack on the president for the effects of the GOP slash and burn budget. You can blame the aggressors and you can blame those who cut the budget, but at least be honest that when you are attacking the president for this. You are doing something you have never done with other presidents who had embassies attacked under their tenure.
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    I'm pointing out that Biden lied . . . . we can argue about the politics about funding . . but Biden lied about supposedly not knowing this was not about a video and lied about not knowing they needed more security . . . . (my phone keeps ringing and interrupting me - better sign off)
    Last edit by Spidey's mom on Oct 12, '12
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    sorry but these links are virtually useless, in that the only ones who will read them and agree, are those who are of like mind.
    at least we on the left, acknowledged obama's shortcomings when he debated.
    yet to date, no one from the right has conceded an inch.
    do you seriously believe that only one person and one person only, can be at fault?\
    i call bs.
    i find it ironic that you feel you're in the twilight zone, steph.
    please believe that many of us feel the exact same way...except we don't call it the twilight zone.

    i have to laugh and walk away from this area of the debate.
    i deem this as a no-win area.

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