Voter Turnout

  1. We will be voting for a new mayor as well as some city initiatives on May 21st. I will vote at my local polling place. I'll get very tired that week because I'll be working 3 12 hour shifts so colleagues can attend the NTI. (Of course I encouraged them to visit the ALLNURSES.COM booth.)

    Way back I brought applications to vote by mail to work with envelopes and stamps to make it easy for people to vote. Yesterday I reminded people to be sure to put their ballot in the mail. I gave them each a stamp and one for their spouse.

    Low turnout is expected so each vote counts. I asked them, "How would you feel if your candidate lost by one or two votes?"

    I'm just hoping to discuss how to encourage citizens to vote.
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  3. by   tewdles
    That was a fabulous idea.
    I make phone calls, offer rides, etc.
    I call my friends out of state when important elections are coming up...
    you rock!
  4. by   TopazLover
    Reminder: In Alaska election 2012 a young Yale graduate democratic candidate won his seat in the State legislature by 32 votes.

    Every vote counts. One reason for his success is that he traveled to every town in his district. To some that might seem simple and obvious. In his district it meant by boat and plane for each of his visits. Political action works on both ends of the vote.
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    This has got to be one of the most ridiculous commercials I have ever seen. I guess when you have little to offer except that you do not play golf you have to try anything.

    This does not imply that I am in favor of either character mentioned in the ad. I just have to wonder about their audience.