Value Based Purchasing...for Politicians

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    So we're getting the Value Based Purchasing idea drummed into our heads, right? Medicare and Medicaid aren't going to pay for crappy hospital care. Some crappy care is pretty clear cut and tied to poor patient outcomes: Pressure ulcer? Not paying. Fall? Not paying. Catheter-associated UTI? Readmission? Core measures missed? Not paying. Not paying. Not paying.

    But then you have HCAHPS. Was it always quiet around your room at night? Was your food hot and delicious? Did the nurse come running as soon as you needed help? Was your pain medication regimen to your liking? Nope? Then we're not paying. (Well, not paying as much anyway).

    Teachers, of course, have the same sort of system in place to make sure taxpayers are paying for high quality teaching (or at least teaching that helps kids do well on standardized testing).

    So it occurred to me this morning that we should have a similar system for the very politicians whose bright idea it was/is to pass these laws. Why should taxpayers have to pay for crappy government, and more than we pay for crappy health care or crappy teachers?

    Goals should be set, and when they are not met, then guess whose salary gets cut?

    Did the unemployment rate go down? Nope? Pay cut!
    How are we doing on foreign relations? Crappy? Pay cut!
    National debt went up again? Pay cut!
    Website went wonky? Giant pay cut!!!

    What do you think?
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    Like your sense of humor/satire. Of course the same objective can be reached by voting them out of office. As if that is ever going to happen.
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    I say fire all current congress and get all new people in office. Plus they should not have such high pay or be required to donate a portion to a charity or research foundation.
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    Love it!
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    People need to get out and vote more.
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    I doubt it would touch the members of Congress at all. They are mostly millionaires to begin with and the small (cough -cough) salary is little compared to the benefits they are offered by lobbyists and special interest groups, and the subsidies they vote for their own interests.

    Second reason it can't work is that it would take an act of Congress to get criteria created. We all know how non-partisan they are when working on any legislation. Since they have only are in session about 1/3 of the average worker's time, it would be difficult to get it out of committee even if someone like Bernie Sanders had the stones to write such a bill.

    If the committee, mostly likely the Oversight Committee, did actually look at it then it would be tweaked so that when it came out of committee it would probably include such things as:
    Start a war with the wrong country on fabricated evidence. Double salary
    Get caught with cocaine. Spend a month at the local country club at tax payers expense
    Get caught creatively editing in depth reports requested. Head the Oversight Committee
    Go on trips to hot spots and come back bad mouthing POTUS. Claim title of elder statesman
    Encourage gay bashing. Get an award for representing rednecks
    Work to destroy every safety net for the young, the old and the infirm. Be asked to hand out a MLK award.
    Go on talk shows and show your lack of basic knowledge. Be placed on Intelligence Committee
    Deny Climate Change and evolution. Be placed on the Science Committee

    As long as lobbyists and special interests control our government through gifts and campaign contributions, We the People, can have little effect on politicians once they are in DC. The answer is to not elect by being an informed voter, or if the person, once elected does these things, vote them out.

    We have got to find a way to keep money and politics separate, I agree. As long as we have the fox guarding the hen house I suspect nothing will change.
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