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The lawyers from numerous immigration organizations and the American Civil Liberties Union sued in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, on behalf of two Iraqi men, one a former U.S. government worker... Read More

  1. by   Mini2544
    Quote from elkpark
    What is it that makes it sound fake to you? The administration is claiming that the list consists of countries that Congress has identified in the past as having links to terrorism, but there is no disputing that there are plenty of other middle eastern countries with obvious links to terrorism that are conspicuously absent from the list, and those all happen to be countries with which Trump has business dealings. Saudi Arabia, of course, was the home of the bulk of the 9/11 terrorists and continues to be the home of radical Wahhabi thought, and sponsors Wahhabi madrassas around the world, including in the US -- but, somehow (could it be the oil and the multiple business connections, not just Trump, but plenty of other US interests?), seems to always get a free pass.
    Because these countries have a much less centralized govt currently in place than SA and Afghanistan etc. It's very hard to vet people when there isn't a system to reference for documentation.
    I know it's more fun to always believe that Trump is a blazing racist but that's not the case.
  2. by   Markperry
    Countries like Saudi and Paks do not have a strong ISIS presence

  3. by   ElvishDNP
    Quote from Markperry
    Why are these people leaving the country? Trump has been saying he is going to do a Muslim ban for over a year now. He gets into office and in the first week he keeps his promise and signs an order to ban these people.

    Now they are crying? I am sorry I don't get it. It's their own fault for being dumb to leave the country. Stupid is, As Stupid does.
    Because, unless I woke up this morning in Stasiland, people are free to move in and out of here as they see fit. Because they have families to go visit. Because they want to vacation. Who the hell knows, and more importantly....in a free country, who the hell cares? My husband has family abroad that he likes to go visit on occasion. Why is is any of your damn business where he goes, when, or why?

    The freedom y'all like to crow about is apparently only for you, not for everyone else.
  4. by   elkpark
    Quote from Mini2544
    I know it's more fun to always believe that Trump is a blazing racist but that's not the case.
    Keep telling yourself that ... The evidence certainly suggests that he is.
  5. by   Lil Nel
    I am so proud of my fellow citizens who are out protesting the travel ban.

    Looks like tomorrow I will call Senator(s) McCain and Graham to thank them for being the minority within the GOP with an ounce of sense in their heads. As I said in a previous post, I agree with little that Senator Graham supports, but in this case, the enemy of enemy is my friend.

    I believe it is important to support members of the GOP who are willing to go against the wishes of Herr Trump.

    Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell (from my state) will keep his lips shut. Trump made his wife Secretary of Transportation. Besides, McConnell is nothing more than an opportunist.
  6. by   rnmaybe
    Please post your "evidence" of all this racism that trump engages in?

    Quote from elkpark
    Keep telling yourself that ... The evidence certainly suggests that he is.
  7. by   Lil Nel
    Quote from rnmaybe
    Please post your "evidence" of all this racism that trump engages in?
    How about the Muslim Travel Ban executive order that he signed on Friday? Please don't tell me you haven't heard about it. It has been covered in the news for a solid 48 hours.

    How about telling African-Americans that they "have no jobs" and their schools are failing and lousy and what the hell do they have to lose by voting for him?

    Herr Trump may not know this, but not all African-Americans live in poor sections of the inner-city. And many of them have jobs that provide them a comfortable, middle-class life style. They are, in other words, just like any ordinary American.

    Oh, let us not forget how he called undocumented Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers.

    Would you like me to go on?????

    Because I can. There is a gentleman in his administration by the name of Steve Bannon who is a supporter of White Nationalists and that is well documented. Many believe it was Mr. Bannon who wrote the Travel Ban executive order.
  8. by   BCgradnurse
    Quote from rnmaybe
    Please post your "evidence" of all this racism that trump engages in?
    Oh...where to begin??

    He refused to disavow the KKK during his campaign.

    He verbally attacked a Muslim Gold Star family.

    He claimed a judge was biased and could not do his job because "He's a Mexican".

    He did not disavow the white supremacists who campaigned for him.

    His company was sued twice for refusing to rent to African-American

    There are more, but I think that it's obvious he is racist.
  9. by   elkpark
    Quote from rnmaybe
    Please post your "evidence" of all this racism that trump engages in?
    I've done it before, but I'll be glad to do it again. Here are a few sources -- it's been well-documented over the years (dating back to the 1970s). Of course, I realize it's a waste of time, since you'll just continue to deny all the evidence.


    Donald Trump's deep-rooted racism - Chicago TribuneHere Are 15 Examples Of Donald Trump Being Racist | The Huffington Post

    The people who look at Trump and don’t see a racist.

    Trump is racist. Here’s a reminder.

  10. by   heron
    He just appointed Bannon - a self-described advocate for white supremacists - to the National Security Council.
  11. by   herring_RN
    By Anthony D. Romero, ACLU Executive Director
    January 28, 2017
    ... The executive order went into effect immediately and so did its destructive intent.
    At John F. Kennedy International Airport last night, Hameed Khalid Darweesh arrived and was immediately detained.
    Darweesh worked as interpreter for the Army’s 101st Airborne Division and, according to Brandon Friedman, a platoon leader in Iraq, saved countless U.S. service members’ lives.
    We don’t know how many other refugees and foreign nationals with green cards or visas might have been detained when they tried to make their way into the United States today, but we intend to find out.
    We are asking anyone with any information to get in touch with the ACLU.
    The ACLU with other organizations immediately sprang into action and challenged Trump’s executive order in court as violating the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the U.S. Constitution.
    We immediately got a hearing and argued our case.
    At around 9 p.m., Federal District Court Judge Ann M. Donnelly issued a stay, blocking President Trump’s discriminatory policy from taking effect and preventing refugees and immigrants from being deported.
    She did not rule on the constitutionality of the order, but for now, the men and women who would have been deported are safe.
    When I and staff attorney Lee Gelernt emerged from the courthouse, we were met with a sea of people cheering and chanting.
    I cannot express how humbling and inspiring this moment is...
    ... Savor this victory tonight, but prepare to fight on.
    In President Trump’s First Week, ACLU Hands Him First Stinging Rebuke | American Civil Liberties Union
  12. by   Lil Nel
    The ACLU is going to take Trump on, and they received $24 million in donations just this weekend. YAY!

    I am mailing a donation to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe today to fight Trump on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    In GB, over a million people have signed a petition that would ban Trump from entering the UK to visit Prime Minister May. What a marvelous idea - a Trump Travel Ban!
  13. by   ElvishDNP
    ^ Slightly related to the topic, the ACLU pulled in a record number of donations/pledges. I think it was somewhere close to $20mil, whereas the usual donations are ~$3-4mil. I am glad to do my small part. I don't have a lot being in school right now, but Saturday I changed my donation on an as-I-can basis to monthly. I donate a dollar for every year old my oldest kid is, because I want to see the next generation grow up in a world where all people are treated justly.