The Uncut Lumber84 Super Bowl ad - page 2

Here is the complete Superbowl ad that crashed the website of 84 Lumber — the largest family-owned building supply outfit in America — on Sunday night as viewers sought to view it in full. The story... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Quote from Markperry
    There is a lot of things I want also, but some of them are illegal does that mean I should be able to have them?
    Of course not. As I've stated, I'm against illegal immigration. But in order to stop them, I'm not going to make up some lie about them that they are coming here to destroy our country which is what you said. That's my issue.
  2. by   Avid reader
    Markperry, you are the most interesting poster in this forum. I bet I would have the most interesting arguments with you. You wouldn't have a big belly, an old pick up truck and a violin would you? Passport, do you have one? God, I bet looking at you and listening to you would provide me hours of amusement. You have no idea how much people with your views fascinate me.

    Orwell, un-person, much? Could you?
  3. by   heron
    FYI ... Markperry is long gone, around the same time some members saw the resemblance between his posts and those of an ex-member banned for threatening posters.