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I thought I would create a thread where we can talk about what he's currently up to. No particular topic but one that's ongoing with what he's doing and saying. I'll start with this speech on... Read More

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    Just in case anybody on this thread doesn't believe there is an organized effort by Republicans to "dumb down" America, please read the article in the Washington Post about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker attempting to make his state the first in the nation not to dictate the number of hours children spend in school.

    Of course, schools will still be held accountable for learning outcomes, via the "state report card," but come on!

    I guess Republicans haven't noticed (their head have been up their butts shouting: 'America First') that the rest of the world is educating it's young people. Is it the Republican plan to ensure the demise of the lower class via alcohol, opioids and depression by cutting education time? Let's face it, the sons and daughter of doctors and lawyers will have the opportunity for MORE education, it will be the middle and lower classes who suffer from less education.

    Geez. When will Wisconsin voters wake up and send this lame-brain back to wherever he came from in the Badger state?
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    I'm not a fan of Gorsuch, but mainly because I believe he has poor judgement, which is generally not a good quality in a judge. But I don't actually have any problem with him discussing the topic of whether people sometimes take advantage of employer maternity leave since there's not really any arguing that it does actually happen.
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    Quote from Tweety
    Trump responded to the chemical attacks with his usual blame Obama. Many people might agree with that because Obama was criticized for not being tough enough. Interesting that he actually wanted to retaliate with bombs and that was too tough for Americans and he backed down.
    I'm still on the fence about that, Obama submitted an Authorization for the Use of Military Force against Syria in 2013, to which congress never responded. There's an argument that Obama should have violated the Constitution and used military force anyway since Congress failed to meet their Constitutional responsibility, which I think is valid, but I also don't think we can ignore the system of checks and balances particularly when it comes to starting wars with other countries where we weren't directly attacked.

    The situation is bit different with Trump, who never requested approval from congress which was a pretty clear violation of the Constitution, although I'm not sure it can really even be counted as an attack on our part since we didn't really affect the Syrian military's ability to do anything, we gave them a few hours heads up which they apparently used to relocate their more important assets at the base, and they were back to launching air attacks on the same village which they bombed again yesterday.
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    How Bannon’s multimedia machine drove a movement and paid him millions - The Washington Post

    This is the true Bannon and the formula that most of Trump's appointments subscribe to. Most businesses strive to pay as little taxes as possible and this is one of the most underhanded system I've seen. He exploited the weaknesses of the tax codes, the fervor of the politics of the investors and the ignorance of a fawning audience, clamouring for propaganda re how bad Democrats are, regardless of facts.

    Exactly as I suggested in an earlier post regarding using Hollywood type directors to push the agenda instead of protests, Bannon got his message across using the same ploy. Goebbels in Hitler's world was Bannon in ours. Bannon however was only interested in making money. He exploited the gullible which I think has been his agenda from the outset. A Karl Rove tactic but a more effective one. Hypocrisy at its best!

    I have no doubts that most of Trump's appointees have little political aims except to propose and incorporate methods to exploit the proverbial trough. Very much like Cheney and Halliburton. The stalwarts like Nikki Haley will go the way of Christine Todd Whitman.

    They will seek to make the world as restrictive as possible, sowing as much fear and doubt as they can, knowing that's the best way to exploit the coffers available.
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    The Conservative Pipeline to the Supreme Court - The New Yorker

    A must read article!!!

    This is why you need a free press. There are powerful, effective groups trying and succeeding in shaping our world. From our jobs to our beliefs. They do not believe in democracy except as a tool to further their agendas. Through gerrymandering and now shaping our courts they hope to control us effectively. They are focused and motivated. They like to make the rules to suit themselves instead of what's best for everyone.

    A free press is the only way to combat this insidiousness. Their one weakness is power which they acquire through greed and their inherent nature of criminality. His views were shaped by tragedy which can never be trusted. Enlightenment through education and experience are the only way to shape views.

    A free press will always explore the backgrounds and expose the numerous ways they have circumnavigated not only laws but moral and ethical constraints. Essentially, hypocrisy, which is the one true way to guage intent.
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    I'm not following this thread, but I stopped by to contribute this quote that accompanied a news story (which I did not read) in today's paper:

    "Donald Trump has only been here, not even 100 days yet -- God, it's like dog years or something. . . " (Sen. Liz Warren, D-Mass)

    I'm not pro or con The Donald. I only tolerate political news because I have no's EVERYWHERE!

    Mostly I either shake my head or laugh. This one made me laugh.
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    I, too, have only skimmed through this thread. DJT frightens me. But I dislike name calling. Regardless of how much of his actions have distressed me, name calling to me is childish. And that immed turns me off, regardless how appropriate the comment may be.

    One comment I will make though. I have this mental image of him as a little boy in some kind of a TV 'war room' environment with all those maps and grids hung around and there's tables with toy soldiers and military vehicles, boats and airplanes, and red 'hot' phones around. And all I see is him bellowing "you sunk my battleship" like on that old Milton Bradley game TV commercial.

    Not a good image.
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    Stars - You are the greatest. Just perfect.
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    Can't make this stuff up. He claims a dead person is a "great friend" when in fact the family has requested he stop using his music.

    WATCH: Trump Tells Italian Prime Minister Pavarotti Is a 'Great Friend.' Pavarotti Died 1 Years Ago. - The New Civil Rights Movement
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    Tweety - According to the article, Pavarotti died 10 years ago. LOL! Good article, though. Another proof that Trump "embellishes" to the point of lying. Trump: The Liar-in-Chief. Worst. President. Ever.
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    Yeah for some reason the link (which I didn't type but cut and pasted) says 1 year and the title says 10. Weird.